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... Actually, alcohol is a depressant and actually depresses your central nervous system. This is why after a few drinks you feel relaxed and happy. The problem is the next day. ... (13 replies)
... Back in the day I use to be able to put away a 12 pack of beer in one night, wake up the next morning feeling fine. ... (29 replies)
... I am the exact same. I think that the next day I am going to call the dr. and get a therapist but when I wake up the next day I feel completely fine. ... (9 replies)

... sometimes I'll almost be fine and the next minute I fell like I could fall over I feel so awful. In all, I've only experienced the racing heart, light headedness, shortness of breath, etc. ... (3 replies)
... Heavy drinking does a number on your system. It depletes your body of B vitamins, elecrolytes like potassium, magnesium as well as dehydrating you. ... (3 replies)
... The day after a heavy drinking weekend set my anxiety attacks off!! I couldn't believe it, I thought I was going to die! I even went to the emergency room for my first one. ... (29 replies)
... I can't drink either without feeling terrible the next day. ... (5 replies)
... Hey everyone... this kinda has to do with the post from earlier about panic after drinking- i definately have that. I've cut back on drinking, actually I hardly ever drink. But on the occasions that i do, i find that the next day no matter how many benzos i take ( haha within reason of course!) the weird feeling never goes away. I still feel exactly the same...panicky, out of... (6 replies)
... Ever since my first panic attack at 19 I have suffered from extreme anxiety the day after a good nights drinking. I feel so anxious I am almost agoraphobic until I calm down. ... (29 replies)
... pack of Coors, smoke a whole pack of Swisher Sweet blunts and end up with a hangover followed by panic and anxiety all the next day and sometimes the day after that too. ... (29 replies)
... and then i found that if I did drink, my anxiety was of course increased the next day....soo I would then take the benzos with no luck! Hmm oh well...Solved that problem... ... (6 replies)
... get very self conscious much of the time in social settings and would drink before i went out to calm myself, then while out to keep the buzz going.Thing is the next day would be awful.Cant breathe,shaky,rcing thoughts,you know the feelings.Anyway i have cut down and am trying without as much alcohol. ... (5 replies)
... then when I wake again I too wonder why I was thinking and acting like that YES. I am only like this after drinking. ... (9 replies)
... So when I drink a good amount in one night the next morning when I wake up I am a wreck.. ... (5 replies)
... I stopped drinking. Couldnt hack the way it made me worse the next day. You are not really supposed to mix tranquillisers with alcohol at all and I was doing that and it freaked me out"! ... (6 replies)
... Oh, yes....when I was young in my early twentys. I used to party hard, and the next day was brutal. The anxiety was horrible! It's what finally led me, to stop partying. Which was a very good thing.... ... (29 replies)
... I may feel a little sluggish, and at times, hungover the next day, but I don't feel any anxiety. By the way, I don't take meds. ... (29 replies)
... can't even go out and have fun without regretting it the next day. ... (29 replies)
... coffee, soking, drugs etc. At the time that we are drinking we are so relaxed that all our anxiety is gone. ... (13 replies)
... or a panic attack the next day. I'm sure this could last for a few days as well. I know I probably shouldn't be drinking at all, but I do enjoy the socializing that goes along with it. ... (11 replies)

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