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MY STORY, help
Jun 4, 2004
... s so nauseated I ended up in the ER. In between all this they did a catscan, ultra sound, colonoscophy, and endoscopy. Said I had a little colitis. I woke up one night with my heart racing so fast and heat going up my chest to my face. Went to ER. they did a EKG, blood work, chest xray. All ok. ... (3 replies)
... Stress and anxiety can do a lot of things, including all of the things you've mentioned. I too, found myself in your shoes, almost 3 months ago. I could feel my heart beating a million miles a minute, I couldn't swallow my food without it feeling like it was getting stuck, bowel problems, arm numbness, the whole 9 yards! ... (4 replies)
Feb 8, 2004
... e. It made me feel horrible. I would suggest therapy of some sort. I haven't tried it yet. I am not sure what effects of meds are in the long term. As for a night of drinking, I think any alcohol has an effect on eveyone, just some people experience effects especially when people have anxiety disorders. ... (6 replies)

... that's why I ended up worrying about all sorts of physical causes, brain tumour, heart problems and so on. ... (3 replies)
... Thanks to immortal19 for this list: Here is a list of common symptoms for anxiety/panic disorder...of course there are a lot of other ones but these are the most common: HEART sensations~ * racing or rapid heart beat (fight or flight response) * heart palpitations (fight or flight response) * 'missed' heart beats (fight or flight response) (1 replies)
... My Cardiologist put me on Inderal LA and it went from 122 to 63 within an hour! It was so odd because I didn't even know my heart was racing, I had become so use to it. Once it dropped I felt like a whole new person. ... (127 replies)
Health Anxiety
Oct 1, 2015
... rite aunt to breast cancer and when I turned twenty I was diagnosed with cardio myopathy. I spent the next 15 years in and out of the emergency room convinced of heart problems only to be sent home every time with a clean bill of health. ... (8 replies)
... ad blood work done that includes an evaluation of your glandular system, and all that was normal. You have had a brain MRI, which was normal. You have had your heart evaluated through various tests, and those were all normal. ... (15 replies)
I am new :)
Jul 21, 2006
... erk at Cedar Point, one day I noticed that my appetite was not quite normal, but wrote it off as stress and high humidity. When I came home from work on a summer night in July, I had a slight headache and decided to go to bed. I woke up an hour later and was shivering and burning up with fever. ... (4 replies)
Fear of relaxing?
Apr 23, 2006
... thout meds... when I've been really anxious.. I take my pulse and think it's too slow or feel really fatigue... I then have to get up and do something to make my heart beat faster so I don't think it's slowly stopping... once I freaked out so bad I sent my heart racing to the point where I thought I was going to pass out... ... (3 replies)
... Somehow I ended up in another room of the house and when calmed down a bit and mind had stopped racing so much in a bizillion directions, sat down and took my blood pressure with home machine. Pretty normal! ... (11 replies)
... in my chest, and my body was literally tingling all over. Then as soon as I woke up it went away. So I tried to go back to sleep, and I julted up again with my heart pounding and my body tingling. Every single time I would doze off, I kept uncontrollably and unintentionally waking up this way. ... (2 replies)
... So, after battling panic attacks and anxiety for the last 4 months, my doctor, my physiologist, and myself all felt I needed something to help me day to day. Taking the ativan when needed helped the panic attacks break, but not from having them. My wife is pregnant only a half year after we lost our still born daughter at 7 months. All of the worrying about what will... (1 replies)
... But lately i'm waking up in the middle of the night or around 5am feeling really weird. It seems to be after ive had either a vivid dream of a nightmare. ... (0 replies)
... But last Saturday night while at a concern, I totally freaked out. I had this intense urge to get out of there as fast as I could. ... (1 replies)
My story
Dec 7, 2011
... nline dating site and have have been talking for the last 3 months and i started to become emotionally attached to this person. I know it sounds really bad. That night my friend was not responding to my texts and i started to panic, and worry that i did or said something wrong, or the person was not interested in me anymore. ... (3 replies)
... ld barely stay at work. I noticed slowly my back spasm's started getting worse and effecting me more. I dealt with it but it raised my anxiety quite a bit. Every night I had vivid dreams about the world ending up to this point. Then Sunday night I'm trying to take my mind off things, have a few people over to hang out. ... (2 replies)
... from health issues to work related issues. Basically if there's something to worry about you can bet I will. I also deal with some physical issues as well like heart paliptations, butterflies in the pit of my stomach, mood swings, heart pounds like it's going to come out of my chest, and dizzy spells. ... (14 replies)
... can't sit down, can't lay down, couldn't hold still for more than literally a couple seconds, heart feels like it is pounding out of my chest. In connection with those episodes my blood pressure would go through the roof as well and I would end up in the ER. ... (4 replies)
... e intense anxiety and I am seeking for help. I have panic attacks every now and then. When I get one I get dizzy, then everything goes white as if I am blind, my heart races, and I can't hear anything. When it passes, I get sick and get migranes. ... (3 replies)

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