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... Yes - my husband's the same - asleep the moment his head hits the pillow. I've tried the wrists under cold water thing too, the bearing down, apparently if you hold your nose and make like you're breathing out that can help too . I was fine going to sleep until about three weeks ago when it all started again. I've just had a MIrena IUD put in to control my heavy periods and... (17 replies)
... I was having this problem due to some anxiety about some female problems I was having but when I learned that all was well this went away. Are you really worried about some health issue or other problems at this time? I think I saw where Shelly was going to the Dr., so we still have these issues on our minds and we are trying to sleep and our thoughts won't let us. It is... (17 replies)
... Hi all, My first posting on this site and hope it will help me get a grip of my self. I am Married and have 2 young children, and am self employed, we were also house hunting till 3 weeks ago which all can be quite stressfull. I was having probloms with rectal bleeding after i used the toilet, bright red blood on toilet paper, now in stead of going to my GP i thought i... (0 replies)

... of trembling inside my body with a feeling of constant adrenaline running. I would have trouble concentrating, too. I had no racing heart or palpitations and was not feeling an more stressed than usual. Each night I would sleep quite a while and wake up the next mrning and t would be gone. ... (0 replies)
... Hi everyone , have question about Buspar . Started on it one week ago today , 15 mill. , one half morning and night . Seems to be making me more anxious , have racing heart , nervousness , can't sit still . Have had anxiety attacks for many yrs , went back on meds couple months ago , doc just put me on Buspar . ... (5 replies)
Lexapro Withdrawl.
Feb 22, 2007
... and racing heart... ... (2 replies)
... t eat much, have racing heart beats, cold sweats, crying fits and the other night had convulsions. ... (7 replies)
... bhawks you seem like you defenatly have anxiety but your thyroid can also do all that in itself and casue symptoms of anxiety did you know that it casues racing heart bp changes sweating eveything you described and it causes anxiety do you take anything for it.... ... (19 replies)
... Yep, when I have severe anxiety these days, it usually involves waking in the middle of the night with a racing heart. Sometimes my mouth is dry, but the loss of appetite is the scariest symptom for me. ... (19 replies)
... that wont go away no matter how much water you drink. Loss of appetite, and a racing heart in the middle of the night. I have had a constant nervous feeling in me because i have confinced myself i am dying. ... (19 replies)
Burning up!
Aug 20, 2005
... It's very uncomfortable but I realized it's harmless. I also get these "hot flashes" sometimes when I wake up during the night. Usually they're followed by a racing heart. ... (6 replies)
... I agree that it sounds more like sleep apnea. I wouldn't rule out a panic attack, but if you don't have other symptoms including racing heart, hot/cold flashes, hyperventilation, or shaking, I would think it to be sleep apnea. Do you often feel fatigued during the day, no matter how much you sleep at night? :yawn: If so, this is a key sign of sleep apnea- you constantly wake... (7 replies)
... let's hope...but not likely now....was out to lunch at got the same thing...felt like i was going to pass out and my heart started racing....left the store and headed back to work...feel ok now.... ... (11 replies)
... force themselves to move or take steps. When I first had this I was waking bathed in sweat at night, and ultimately had the classic panic attack episode with a racing heart, trembling, hard to breathe, etc. ... (6 replies)
... female, age 38 -dizzy while sitting or walking, the spins while in bed -racing heart beat and wake up in the middle of the night (esp. if I have a couple of beers) -sharp chest pains that last only a second then go away -upper back, neck, and shoulder stiffness -obsession about thinking the doctors have missed something -no energy, even after an espresso -obsession... (120 replies)
... I'm 22 years old (female) *racing heart beat *chest pains *inability to sleep through the night *irritable bowel (poorly shaped stools) *severe neck and shoulder stiffness/pain *left arm and left thigh tingling *left eye pain *headaches (120 replies)
... isorders only get worse. Check it when I was 11 i had ADD then at 14 I had Bipolar, now I have OCD and a lot of anxiety. I always think im going to die. Every night my heart starts racing and skips a beat then i jump. I never had this before. ... (5 replies)
... The sick feeling you're having on Celexa is what I've had in the past myself. As for lorazepam, it helps but people become quickly tolerant to it in a week or 2. Clonazepam or diazepam may be a better choice to use until the AD kicks it, if it does at all. (5 replies)
... I have lorazapam, will that help. Had a palp last night and racing heart today which I havent had for some time. Thanks. ... (5 replies)
... h me man. be it at the doctors, therapist, talking to people, my face turns BEAT red! Nothing i tried has helped with the blushing, and my therapist told me last night that thats the last symptom that goes away.. i said great! thats the worst part of social anxiety for me! ... (7 replies)

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