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... a few worries the past year and it turned into frequent nervousness and anxiety attacks for me. What really made it bad was because I've been living alone, have no family members to spend time with me or to help out with things, and I have no feeling of security in my life or a shoulder to lean on at times. ... (2 replies)
... Thankyou for responding Trixibel. I've given up on being 'thoughtful and giving' to my older siblings and asking to do things with them (get to hang out with them). Everything is about 'money and using' with them, and I don't have money. They are just waiting for their parents to die in hopes they'll get some money or material things. That's terrible, I know. I have no... (2 replies)
... he was in the Marine's. They married and settled in Seattle where she had family. They had 2 girls and divorced. He went through some depression afterward with no family, but a good ex father in law. Then his ex wife wanted to move to Tucson and he approved the move because she would have made his life hell if he hadn't. ... (1 replies)

... Hi I totally understand. I was agoraphobic for 20 years. I was in a abusive relationship had no family support system. I drank to cope then things just got worse. ... (3 replies)
... It's really sad that you're feeling like that. Brothers are good at robbing you of self esteem - siblings are in general, actually, especially if you're the youngest. Don't let it get to you. Maybe you need to move somewhere else if you're having so much trouble in that house? Doesn't sound like your landlord is very helpful or supportive! (2 replies)
... I should be getting ready for bed, but I just let loose... talked and yelled at my Mother when she said something about me missing my family Christmas at my Aunts. ... (4 replies)
Fear of death
Aug 31, 2003
... You and I do not have much support in our life but we have support from the people in this board. This is why they feel like family to me! Maybe they do for you too! Good luck with the therapy and meds! ... (19 replies)
... and ran away from home at an early age and yet my family continues to deny all of this, painting my entire childhood as some kind of "Dr. ... (10 replies)
... herself or with a family member. Thank you. ... (4 replies)
... I haven't had the experiences you have, but I understand how you feel about your family not understanding. ... (10 replies)
... t really explain it. Just a nervous feeling. One day when the anxiety was particularly bad, I took an Ativan. I had a very good night that night. No anxiety, no nausea, fell right to sleep. The next morning, I had the anxious feelings again, and experienced some diarrhea. ... (2 replies)
... and had virtually no problems. ... (1 replies)
My anxiety
Apr 28, 2012
... i can't afford a counselor so here i am looking for knowledge, support, power, etc.; reasons for my anxiety: my mom died when i was six, i was abused by a brother and stepmom; i have chosen to be a single mom for 14 yrs. to the light of my life, my son but his deadbeat hit the road and has done everything for all these years to not pay his support because he can in this... (0 replies)
No one to turn to
Dec 18, 2007
... My sister and her family moved in to my house because she lost another house and had no where to live. The problem is that she and her husband are deliberately mean and lazy. ... (7 replies)
... calcium supplement. It has really helped, but i am not myself yet. Some depression as well and have always been a happy family person. ... (1 replies)
... We have a family time of the State Fair coming up and , as in previous years, I am just dreading it ! I once had a terrible panic attack at the fair. But that was many years ago. ... (1 replies)
No one to turn to
Dec 18, 2007
... feeling this way.I can relate to some of what your saying.I lost my Dad when i was 14 and now 27 yrs old but it still hurts especially during the holidays.And my family who live out of town seem more concerned with themselves all the time that it is hard to get comfort with them even when I am there for them. ... (7 replies)
... rom emotional and physical abuse as well growing up, although not really the way you describe it... and fortunately, i have had closure and come to terms with my family and we thankfully have a healthy relationship now... which is something that you clearly seem like you're lacking... which, of course, is VERY unfortunate... ... (10 replies)
... It's not any kind of a set plan that we use...we'd both tried CBT and other forms of therapy with no success. ... (3 replies)
Advice please....
Sep 12, 2003
... you but I don't. I can totally understand what you are going through however. I am going through post traumatic stress as a result of an accident last October, no fault of ours, whole family was hit by a car along with 13 other people. I am afraid to walk in the street or walk across a parking lot as a result. ... (2 replies)

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