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... really feel the effects. I allways thought it was in their head, but now im willing to try anything, so out of curiousity is there anything, herbs, vitamins, or non prescription stuff that works particularly well, or is designed to help with anxiety? ... (12 replies)
... I tried a diet aid called cortislim recently and unexpectedly noticed a real drop off in the tight chest clenched teeth kind of physical anxiety, despite the fact that it does contain some caffeine. I can't say it does much for weight control, but is was about as effective anxiety wise (for me, anyway) as the mildest of dose of clonazepam ( a prescription anxiety med) without... (12 replies)
... rt success using it on their pets during thunderstorms, etc. I use it as an adjunct therapy. I don't think it is strong enough to be used alone by someone with anxiety disorder, JMHO, but I do think it is worthwhile. Some of these compounds work for some people, some do nothing, some end up having a little effect. St. ... (12 replies)

... i developed anxiety on a level not to be believed. i could not sleep at all. literally. ... (12 replies)
... I used to use a product that was mostly made from valerian and passionflower herbs, it is used for mild anxiety and did calm me, it is no good for serious anxiety though. I would ask your pharmacist. ... (12 replies)
... I believe the people that see the best results with any of the above are often people that have common "normal person" anxiety, not people with actual anxiety disorders but who knows. ... (12 replies)
... Here is a list if the most common talked about supplements that people are taking (that I have observed). St. John's Wort (found in antidepressants so if you already take a prescription you need to talk to your dr. first). Valerian root (has calming effects) Magnesium (for heart palpitations) Omega 3's (fish oil, flax etc.) (12 replies)
... MNMAN a question. i have been having horrible palpitaions for months now. cardiologist has outruled a heart problem so i will assume it is anxiety since my life is at it's most stressfull right now. i did not know that magnesium helped with palpitaions. what dosage would be used to be effective? ... (12 replies)
... Mag supplement as well as Omega 3. There are also a vitamin pack that you can get called Good Days. It is specifically designed for anxiety and depression. ... (12 replies)
... I hear your worry about being off the Lexapro and why you are seeking out a non-prescription supplement. Keep in mind, most of these medications you are considering may not have been tested and might have undesired results. I recommend you work with your Pdoc on your concerns. Discuss with him/her your financial situation and prescriptions that are on the $4/monthly list at... (8 replies)
... I'm using Valerian until I can refill my Xanax. It's worked every time I've used it, either when I feel an attack coming on or if I'm having one. I prefer the Xanax, though, because it keeps me calm for a longer period of time. I have to take the Valerian a couple times a day, whereas the Xanax was an as-you-need-it kind of drug for me. (12 replies)
... my dr told me to take vitamin d ---im am deficient and i did some reading which says it can cause depression. Also Omega 3 which i sant seem to get doen and vitamin B . WHo knows , i try and get out in the sun 15 minutes a day for the D and exercise is supposed to boost the seritonine -----Ill try anything good luck (12 replies)
... ICC- Im not a doctor so i won't make any recommendations as far as dosage, but generally if you follow the directions on the bottle you should be ok. There are different kinds out there, each with their own dosages. My post earlier was based upon what I have noticed people talking about on this forum. There are some threads specifically about magnesium, one in particular... (12 replies)
... Tallan - I drink hot tea (mostly green and chamomile) and those help me some. I have also been told that exercise helps a lot. Too bad I'm too lazy for that! :D CircusSquirrel - I started another thread to ask you about the slowmag. I hope you see it. (12 replies)
... and the general sense of well being acts against the psych issues that are vexing you. There are also a number of holistic options from health food stores. These non prescription treatments work well for many people and are of course not going to be addictive. ... (3 replies)
Cancer Anxiety
Feb 16, 2008
... my mom passed away a little over 2 years ago from leukemia, and my therapist feels the root of my anxiety isn't cancer so much, but the fear of dying one day and leaving the family that I love so much. ... (19 replies)
... drinker, average weight and have a pretty good diet. I take only one prescription med and that is for Gerd. I can think myself sick and in the past I've experienced muscular problems along with the usual digestive issues because of this. ... (0 replies)
... I get prickly burning in random places. Not sure if it is the anxiety because it was rare enough before and still occasionally occurs after successful medication. ... (2 replies)
... I was on prescription anti-depressants & benzos for almost 5 years. A combination of not wanting to be dependent of pharmaceuticals & losing my health ins. caused me to finally approach treatment more naturally. There are 3 things that have helped me; 1) going to the park daily and strolling along the walking path, listening & looking at nature (absolutely NO headphones... (2 replies)
... Tense." From what I've read about it when I picked it up is that it alleviates the common symptoms that are normally relatied to minor anxiety such as when you go for an interview, meeting someone for the first time, etc. ... (0 replies)

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