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Ativan question
Nov 26, 2004
... So whats the normal dose of Ativan to take? ... (5 replies)
Ativan question
Nov 26, 2004
... ible dose. You should take it when you're having bad anxiety and see how it works, if not, your doctor will probably raise it to 1mg twice a day. That's a more normal dose. ... (5 replies)
... ive been prescribed ativan and buspar for some pretty severe anxiety. i had very bad sexual side effects from paxil before and lost all sexual ability for almost ten years. ... (1 replies)

Feb 21, 2004
... I also talked to my pdoc about taking Klonopin and he said I'm on such a low dose that he is not concerned. He is the top pdoc in that area, very smart with these meds. ... (6 replies)
Xanax Rant!
Nov 28, 2005
... Ativan has helped me lead a normal life,including helping my BP to stay down. ... (8 replies)
... i take ativan as needed which is not much even though i need it everyday, just scared of medicine. ... (4 replies)
... I got physically addicted to Ativan and had similar chest problems when I came off. ... (5 replies)
... yeah I used to take clonopin it worked well with no real ill effects other then some tiredness.......also I have taken ativan for several months pretty well it made me feel loads better almost always rid of all my symptoms.For me it just made me normal again .. ... (12 replies)
... e on anything if it all possible. For me, the way it works is that I get peaks to my anxiety but, in between those peaks I may go for years where I am perfectly normal and enjoying life like everyone else. I don't want to be on a pill during those times. ... (4 replies)
... I have been given 0.5 mg of ativan every night due to insomnia related anxiety. ... (1 replies)
... If you have been taking ativan for a while at the same dose, you may require a higher does to get the same effect. If I were you, I'd ask my doc. ... (3 replies)
... dissolves quickly, so my symptoms abate within 15 minutes of taking it. Still, I have very severe panic attacks, and for some, the 0.5 lessens the symptoms to a normal panic attack, so I'm able to function. The reason I needed the 0.125 is because the 0. ... (12 replies)
... then 10mg of Lexapro along with 0.5mg Ativan for breakthrough panic etc. I had never experienced a panic attack until I started taking the Lexapro. ... (2 replies)
Feb 21, 2004
... ng, you don't need it but tapper off of it slowly anyway. It may not be working but it is having chemical effects on your body. You may have to up your dosage of Ativan just a little in the future but not even close to an abusive dosage. ... (6 replies)
... First, you need to realize that everyone's body adjusts to meds. in a different way. A .5 dose of Xanax can usually help me for about 5 hours, depending on what I'm doing. I take Xanax 4 times a day. .5 in morning, .5 around noon, . ... (7 replies)
Feb 21, 2004
... My Dr. gave me Buspar with Ativan to take as needed until the Buspar kicked in. I hate Buspar, it doesn't work and makes me feel like crap. ... (6 replies)
Must get sleep
Oct 30, 2006
... The only thing I know about ativan is that it is a benzopine which is what xanax is. ... (14 replies)
... esnt like prescribing anti anxiety meds as an only med. I guess she worries about them being habit forming... but come on! ive taken them in the past at a higher dose and never had an issue... i have told her this before. ... (6 replies)
... I've been on Valium and Ativan for 16 years. ... (18 replies)
Zanax Tolerance
Nov 29, 2006
... I did not know this, continued taking 2 mgs. of Ativan for months, then Klonopin, then back to Ativan. By the end of 8 months I could not sleep, as I mentioned, for 4 days in a row on 2 mgs. Ativan a night. ... (27 replies)

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