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... It is sooooooo unconfortable because my chest feels so tight, like a 300lb weight is on me. I feel like I am not getting in enough oxygen. I get light headed and dizzy, sometimes I almost black out, get tunnel vision, cold sweats and a general feeling of "I'm not really here". ... (9 replies)
... heel, there are springs! Her gait isn't quite like that of the rest of us, but she's been wearing them for several months and says that her feet are definitely getting better. ... (9 replies)
... Well first you have to convince yourself that you, and your breathing is perfectly normal. If you keep feeling a need to montior your breathing then you will not be able to forget about it. ... (7 replies)

... Ever since you or anyone reading this post has been having severe anxiety.... did it feel like you weren't getting enough oxygen all the time? ... (6 replies)
... weeks before chest tightness. Do not currently drink alcohol. ... (43 replies)
... it's really been stemmed from a fear of suffocating. and i feel like i am not getting enough oxygen, i know i am breathing, but it doesn't feel like it is enough. ... (41 replies)
Dizzy 24/7
Mar 20, 2005
... crept up slowly in time just from growing. That's the only thing I can think of. A friend recommended someone to me and at first I was skeptical because she is not an M.D. ... (44 replies)
Lexapro pals
Jun 7, 2004
... What happens for me is I just start shaking .. usually in my legs and sometimes my whole body ... sometimes its very noticeable to others and sometimes not ... ... (34 replies)
Lexapro pals
Jun 7, 2004
... yes. I feel the same way as you, except I can cool down. I don't necessarily get hot and it happens. And this is not related to my meds, cause I had this way before taking Prozac. So, here I am. Going to see a Psych hopefully soon. ... (34 replies)
Lexapro pals
Jun 7, 2004
... trembling. Interesting because I have been having a similar problem just recently, and am not sure if it really is anxiety or not. ... (34 replies)
... ottom of my brain. It was tested for cancer, which was negative. I had no symptoms of reoccurrence or anything bad until this past winter break, when I started getting this slight feeling of dizziness. ... (25 replies)
... lbs. I have never smoked a cigarette. I rarely drink alcohol. I do not drink caffeinated beverages. ... (1 replies)
... What would your choice be....other than not taking them... ... (9 replies)
... Even when I am not "feeling anxiety"....I CAN'T BREATHE! ... (9 replies)
... I've had several other tests that all came back normal. Starting at the beginning of April I've felt like my breathing is very unnatural, and liek I am not getting enough oxygen. ... (4 replies)
Anxiety symptoms?
Apr 23, 2006
... i still yawn a lot at times ! .. especially when i missed my medications but i am so used to it that it does not bother me anymore. go meet a doctor and get your medications. ... (4 replies)
Do I have Anxiety?
Jan 10, 2005
... ss of breath. also if you are concentrating on your breathing it can bring this on. I know as this sometimes happens to me. Try some breathing exercises and try not to take short shallow breaths. Sometimes when you struggle to take a deep breath you feel like you are not getting enough oxygen. ... (17 replies)
... e wound up in the ER because I thought there was something wrong with my lungs. I lost the feeling in my hands and almost fainted. They tested me and found I was getting enough oxygen, I just felt like I wasn't. ... (6 replies)
... however, from my experience, doctors don't look at it as a favorable thing. I was told by one of my doctors NOT to read up on a condition I have, huh!? ... (9 replies)
... Hey everyone- I had taken your advice and called to see a pulmonary person but they were closed on Friday because of a state mandated closure to save $ in the state. Well the night before my breathing was so bad my heart was pounding out of my chest...continued the next day and every time I went outside to drive it got worse. Well my mom told me to go for a PFT .Well guess... (0 replies)

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