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... I have been diagnosed with Bipolar and anxiety and have been taking meds for the last 5 years. ... (5 replies)
... Myself an anxiety sufferer from a few years have a question? ... (2 replies)
... im going to give you guys my information and story. feel free to right back with your similar story's. i have spent around 50 thousand dollars on test and some of the best doctors with top of the line insurance in America. ... (4 replies)

... ittle over 1 inch of a white russian mixed drink, it had alcohol in it. About 30 min later, I had pains in my elbows, severe weakness in my arms, my left arm was tingling and kind of numb, I could feel my heartbeat in my head, I had tightness on the left side of my chest, I also had a slite headache. ... (2 replies)
... le weird but idk where or who to turn to. First a little background, I am a 23 year old female who has been for the most part a healthy individual. About a month and a half ago I became more stressed about everyday life. One day before work I picked up some coffee which I always do and went to work. ... (6 replies)
... know how it starts off with the squiggly lines and then on comes the massive headache. well since then, i've been feeling tingling sensation on my hands and feet. sometimes on my scalp and on my tongue and lips. talk about it being anxiety's more like the tingling brings on the anxiety if you ask me. ... (5 replies)
... tingling. It drives me crazy. I also get sensations of water dripping on my head. It scares me more than the heart palpations. I have been to the neurologist and ER they all say anxiety. I thought by taking anxiety medicines it would stop. it hasn't. I think I am going to try to request a MRI. I have had a CAT scan. ... (5 replies)
... Have you asked for an anti anxiety med to go along with the Lexapro ? ... (1 replies)
... Hello, 3 weeks ago my Dr. started me on Lexipro. I am feeling better but I still have tingling and sometimes a little numbness (doesn't last too long) in my legs. Does anyone else have these symtoms associated with your anxiety? Does anyone have any idea how long it will go on before I no longer have these symtoms or notice them? Thanks very much, Mark (1 replies)
Nov 20, 2006
... Yes, count me in for the numbness and tingling too. This usually occurs a day or 2 after the anxiety or stress. I am feeling MUCH better after reading all your comments. I usually get this in my lower face, lower legs and arms sometimes hand and feet. ... (13 replies)
... i've been having some facial numbness and tingling in my extremities for a while now, and it's getting worse. i've had a CT scan for a tumor and it came back negative. ... (3 replies)
... thought maybe I was going crazy! I have had a ton of symptoms from anxiety, just in the last 4months. Dizziness, shortness of breath, twitching all over my body, numbness and tingling in my arms and legs, weakness, heart palpaltations, hot flashes, and a ton of mental problems. Those are just some of the symptoms I've had. ... (24 replies)
... I have occasional numbness and tingling in my limbs. Some mornings I wake up with my hands semi numb. I suffer from severe morning anxiety and have very bad ocd about my health and anxiety about health issues. Like you, I immediately think the worst if I have the slightest pain. ... (3 replies)
... It sounds like you are having a lot of anxiety come out which then would lead to a panic attack. ... (5 replies)
... it's odd to just have these feelings on one side. Glad to hear you have had tests to rule out other things. When I'm having an anxiety attack, my hands will go numb. Both of them. I've never had any of the other sensations you are describing. ... (5 replies)
... I had blood tests to rule out high or low blood sugar and thyroid problems. ... (5 replies)
... so not to worry what you are experiencing is anxiety, try yoga and deep breathing exercise and meditation, if all fails go to your doctor and get medication which i am on , i have had this for along time like 8 years well so the doc says but i am experiencing other problems. ... (9 replies)
... You may have had an anxiety attack, but I also think you may have GERD. This can cause gas to get in your chest and make you feel like your having a heart attack. I have this alot. ... (4 replies)
... ur body is going through some adjustments, the same happened to me, I had some difficulty sleeping some nights, but I also had a lot of other worries on my mind, and probably your worry about the medication giving you side affects is freaking you out. but don't worry, give it a month, the difference will be "whoa". ... (99 replies)
Dec 29, 2005
... o female and have been having these weird symptoms pretty much ever since my son was born 3 years ago. ... (4 replies)

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