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... I'm going to have to agree with Frank on this, since he has posted all of the symptoms I get, or have gotten. I'll just add a few more in, from my personal experience, since no two anxiety/panic attacks are the same for me. In addition to Franks list, I also suffer from: *Feeling off balance *"Jelly legs" *Severe stomach burning (caused by my acid reflux acting up... (15 replies)
Dec 8, 2008
... from my head down my spine. I became disassociated with my surroundings, I had tingling and numbness in my hands, feet, lips and gums. I felt like my chest was caving in, my heart was stressed and I was hyperventilating. I felt like I was going to fall backwards or pass out. ... (5 replies)
... because i have vasovagal syncope and that's where you faint because of pain that sends signals to the vagal nerve in your neck so I had to stay the night before and drink that nasty stuff and goto the bathroom every 5 secs. I was so anxious that day I just knew i was gonna die! ... (9 replies)

... Those can all certainly be anxiety I have had every one of those symptoms at one time or another and some together I have even had numbness in my face along with the tingling. ... (6 replies)
Jul 20, 2005
... as well as my breathing. Anxiety can also cause tingling and numbness. Sounds like you are taking care of it by seeing a cardiologist and ruling our health complications. If it's anxiety, please try to keep it in check before it goes WILD like most of us. ... (2 replies)
... ad in the past 3 years. As soon as I am relieved about one set of symptoms, within days I have a new "disease" I'm worrying about. It is exhausting! I too get tingling in my hands and other parts of my body along with numbness. I have also had bladder problems, so I thought for sure it was the start of ms. ... (24 replies)
... My worst anxiety related symptom is constant shortness of breath. ... (25 replies)
... I have always suffered fron anxiety and I used to take Ativan or Xanax which I stopped taking Oct. 2009! ... (5 replies)
... Hi folks. I was not a member of HealthBoards. I was randomly looking for something else and I came across this thread. I joined so that I could post a reply. A number of those posting here are younger, some in their teens. I am not. I'm in my 50s. ... (13 replies)
... Anxiety can do many odd things. 7 years ago, I had anxiety and panic attacks, and I would have feelings in my chest tingling and numbness in my arms, fingers, ears and face. I thought I was having a heart attack or stroke. Oh, and I would sometimes break out in a sweat and feel like headed. ... (3 replies)
... I have been reading more and more about some of the strange physical symptoms of chronic anxiety and panic. ... (2 replies)
... as well as asthma and acid reflux medication. I feel like I'm taking a recipe of medications every morning! But I am still to the point where I am experiencing anxiety several times a day. ... (2 replies)
Tingling in head
Nov 27, 2007
... which could cause tingling and numbness. The only thing that seems a little weird is why it would be on only one side of your head. ... (3 replies)
... Long story short, my boyfriend of 5 years and I broke up at the end of January. I was the dumper but I was still stressed and depressed about it. I had to move from my house and everything has changed dramatically for me. I also started a new job on Jan. 29th. ... (2 replies)
Is this anxiety?
Nov 30, 2005
... It does sound like anxiety to me, esp if you've had tests and they come back normal. ... (6 replies)
... I'm wondering if any of you can answer a few questions. The symptoms I have fit so many categories and I'm trying to narrow them down. When someone has anxiety "attacks" don't they come and go? ... (7 replies)
... Your constellation of symptoms is fairly consistent with the presentation of several possible primary psychiatric disorders, including panic disorder, general anxiety disorder, and particularly somatoform disorder. ... (4 replies)
... fuzzy, unable to focus, tingling in my fingers, hard to catch my breath. ... (4 replies)
... Nearly 3 months ago as I was visiting my sister at the hospital I started to feel faint, dizzy and nauseous and I had to sit down, almost instantly I felt a heaviness come over me and immense pressure and tightness in my head. ... (2 replies)
... hopeless pretty much describes it but tommorow is another day and who knows? ... (6 replies)

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