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... Thankfully on visits to my doctor and after a few blood tests I have been cleared of the cancers I was so sure I had. So sure, that I was planning my own funeral in my head, thinking and wondering who my partner would find after I had died and crying in the thought that his life would not be with me anymore. ... (1 replies)
... I truly wish I knew what I was doing to bring it on, if anything. My neck and jaw get so tight that they feel like they are going to crack in half. Massages help, maybe a hot bath. Something to relax! Hang in! ... (4 replies)
And again
Oct 3, 2007
... r radiate. Example being you can have TMJD and have pain that radiates to your arms, face, head, upper back, and neck. I have TMJD and get tingling, burning pain in my arms. ... (10 replies)

... ominal ultra sound, I have had a urine test all come back good no problem at all. Now in the beginning the doctors though I had too much stomach acid building up in my stomach which lead me to have all my problems they diagnosed me with a stomach ulcer but the worse my symptoms got the answer then became ANXIETY. ... (13 replies)
... Mhaines, I saw your other post about the neck pains, dizziness and the side pains. I am including a list of additional symptoms below. Please check these symptoms and see if you suffer from any of these as well (These are related to Lyme Disease which I have and that is why I recognized your symptoms right away): Anxiety, panic attacks, Fatigue/tiredness,... (4 replies)
... have been..left arm,shoulder,chest,neck,jaw pains.Numbness in the left side of my face.I never have all these symptom's at the same time.They are just random and come any time. ... (5 replies)
... imary care doc as seeing a therapist does nothing for me but make me more poor, lol, and a psychiatrist, well, ditto... I've had enough bad experiences with them in my life where I just couldn't stand it anymore, and broke down to my fam doc. Thankfully, he's very nice and knows me well and agreed to treat me. ... (7 replies)
... edge towards the end of the time beign at the restaurant. while we were driving in the car back to my friend's house, i had a panic attack. one side of my head went numb .. i could almost like feel it inside my head. ... (7 replies)
... if anyone ever gets like these weird muscle aches that make your legs go numb and it feels as though they are really hot and numb. I also have TMJ and my muscles in my neck and face actually go numb. I clench my jaw without evenknowing it. I also have these weird out ofspace sensations. And my hearing dissappears. ... (3 replies)
... Hi, i am gad I am not alone, guess we will have to hang in there till this anxiety goes away, its really bad for me right now, i keep praying since I hate having that fear around all the time, and i cant even take xanax beause it messes with my asthma, so i hav eto deal with this one my own, I have had about 3 panic attacks today so far. :( I am having major panic because... (4 replies)
... wow, this happens with me... maybe, in certain situations, my jaw locks up, my lips pretty much go into a frown, twitching sometimes. I just started chewing gum. lol, sorry I'm no help. ... (3 replies)
Sep 4, 2012
... I had an operation to coil them but this was unsuccesful and had to wait a week for another operation with which they went in with a stent and blood flow divertor and coils and this was deemed a success. ... (0 replies)
... metimes it makes it worse. Somedays it's difficult to get out of bed, because I know 15 minutes into being awake i'll start to feel it. It gets worse when I wait in line. ... (2 replies)
... I am trying to deal with these in ways of self help books, techniques, counselling etc. But the physical symptons i suffer with are making me worse. ... (2 replies)
... and stop worrying. Until i find out why i have these symptoms i dont think i ever will. I have randon chest pain, left arm pain with tingling and numbness, SOB, jaw pain. Recently i started having a more rapid heart rate. ... (3 replies)
... I just wanted to write and let you know that I completely understand. My anxiety is based in my neck, back and jaw in terms of muscle tension. There were times that I couldnt hear so well or walk so well. ... (3 replies)
... confused I am still dealing with these stupid pains too off and on.I thought they were done with me but NOPE.The other day I had some tingling and numbness in my left hand.Yesturday my left arm started again with those random intermittent little sharp,achy pains a few in my left leg,jaw,neck. ... (12 replies)
Need help please
Sep 26, 2006
... I am very concerned and need some help. I had a sister to die in 2002 from heart disease. I lost a brother very suddenly to a heart attack in June, he was only 34. I have started having numbness in my left arm, pinky finger and the left side of my jaw up to half of my bottom lip. ... (6 replies)
... Racing, pounding heart (waking up in confusion) - although not too often lately Feelings of utter despair and madness shortness of breath Weakness/numbness of limbs feeling like something is stuck in my throat feelings of unreality pressure in head/headaches irritability lack of concentration forgetfulness (120 replies)
... counselor, and have an appt. to see a psychiatrist in Feb. ... (4 replies)

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