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... I've tried Valerian and Kava for anxiety and Melatonin and Chamomile to help with sleep. I didn't like made me feel tired, but a little edgy. Valerian was okay, and the others are as well. I took Melatonin for several months and I believe it did help me sleep. So does a glass of warm milk :) I agree with nuttyprof., benzos work the best for serious anxiety. (5 replies)
Ativan For Sleep?
Jan 10, 2006
... DOUSLY. I can actually function and I can actually sleep, and when the time comes,,,, when me and my doc feels like its time, I will wean off of it I guess. Like nuttyprof said, take it as perscribed and don't misuse it and I am sure you will be fine!!! ... (20 replies)
As-needed Meds??
Dec 23, 2005
... Try not to worry so much about addiction. There is a difference between addiction and medical dependance on a drug under a doctors supervision. I guess using a beta-blocker everyday for panic disorder would be the same as trying any other drug. It's trial and see what happens. I tend to think overall though, beta-blockers are not as effective for panic disorder than the other... (21 replies)

As-needed Meds??
Dec 23, 2005
... Thanks timber and nuttyprof. I take alprazolam as needed (benzo), so I know that works great for panic disorder. I was just curious about the beta-blockers. I didn't know if it would be better to take those everyday, instead of an ad. Beta blockers aren't addictive, are they? (21 replies)
... Unfortunately if you're on antidepressant, they can take up to 5 weeks to become effective. The side effects from SSRI's can be annoying in the beginning. I don't like the idea of tacking on a 100 different medications to counter act side effects but the reality is, is that you might need something to help you sleep at night and/or something to help with the anxiety during the... (10 replies)
... For me - meds have been ineffective at dealing with this and it has become pretty debilitating - it is my belief that it is interferring with my sleep and my cognitive abilities and most certainly my ability to exercise, which feeds back into sleep I am willing to try anything.....Doesn't seem like my brain wants to self correct this any time soon - nuttyprof: how... (10 replies)
... Yes I agree with what you said. The brain will automatically regulate breathing, so in theory without thinking about it we should feel fine. And breathing shallowly does not harm you. But the panic disorder does not believe this because it is irrational. It will just say " yeah it hasn't hurt me 300 times before but what if THIS TIME is different". I think breathing is... (10 replies)
Dec 16, 2005
... Thanks for your response, nuttyprof. I take it only as needed. Usually twice a week or so. I take 1/2 of a 1mg. tablet. I take a whole one if I feel a panic attack is coming on. I am pretty sure it is not withdrawal, as I don't take enough. I just was wondering if my mood swings might be cured by taking more and on a more consistent basis. (4 replies)
... Funny how our bodies are all so different. Mine requires a 1-4 week break in beween trying meds, I suppose depending on the halflife. Otherwise, the side or withdrawal effects of one sort of blend into the side effects of the second, and it's doomed to failure, because I can't handle it all! Other people seemed helped by taking another med while getting off another. ... (6 replies)
... id have to say no it does nothing to me in that respect... if anything it makes me want to lay down and relax because i can actually relax when i take it.. it can effect everyone a little different.. but i tend to think nuttyprof. hit the nail on the head... (7 replies)
... I also did CBT it worked for a while but the anxiety came back I spent a fortune on this thearpy too my insurance would not cover it. A few years ago I used to have bad attacks at work and only a few people knew. I would hide in a empty cubilce sometimes even having to lay down on the floor. I have never taken any meds but at times feel like I should. I have developed this... (17 replies)
... Hi nuttyprof - like your name and can relate.... did some more reading here on the board - suspect now topamax - someone else mentioned they got "mean" in the afternoons - that's about how it goes - their pdoc told them to take potassium - ironically - I bought some yesterday because I've been having muscle cramps lately - I just started topamax about three-four weeks ago and... (3 replies)

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