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... panic attack like symptoms after eating a meal? ... (3 replies)
... Jan 2012 one night I was eating dinner in a restraunt and all of a sudden I couldn't swallow my food. ... (3 replies)
... i had a seizure 8 yrs. ago before i think i even knew what a panic attack was. ... (6 replies)

... yours does. I go through stages with my anxiety where I am super anxious for a few weeks, then it goes away. During this time I am not actually having full blown panic attacks, but I feel very tense, disoriented, almost like a "drugged" feeling. Just out of it. I find it hard to drive and to work. Then it usually goes away. ... (1 replies)
... ack well after being in the hospital 4 other times had 4 ekg tests done and 4 xrays and blood work all comes back fine with the same symptoms they say im getting panic attacks now these attacks increases since February into an every day event i get a attack on a daily basis now and im on 0. ... (3 replies)
... menopause problems, GERD and about 4 years ago I was diag. with anxiety and panic attacks. I take 1mg Ativan per day and Aciphex for the Gerd. ... (4 replies)
... Thanks for your reply. I have panic attacks too. The Ativan seems to help. ... (4 replies)
... you can shred it for easy eating or even mix it in applesauce.. ... (4 replies)
... My panic attacks have been worsening lately, but I'm not sure I understand this relationship between eating and panicking. I'll have to remember to bring this up to my psychiatrist. ... (5 replies)
... anyone notice sometimes they feel naseous and fatigued after eating, ive had 2 panic attacks both after i had just eaten anyone? ... (5 replies)
... Get yourself on an SSRI..that would be my advice..Ativan is more for panic attacks. ... (4 replies)
... to get something to eat because I didn't want to get lightheaded, but then what happens. I guess that I felt that I was digesting my food when all of a sudden a panic attack hits. And I was driving at the same time, boy was I a mess. So don't feel bad, it happens to me also. ... (6 replies)
... Hello everyone. I have been taking Remeron for about two months for anxiety and depression. I'm sure the doc chose this med becuase I was having anxiety about eating due to nausia and other digestive problems that would not go away. ... (5 replies)
... theanine the chemical in green tea helping my anxiety. Well it worked for a few hours but later that night I had a massive panic attack so I guess that doesnt work...... ... (1 replies)
... panic attacks. I was diagnosed with panic disorder when I was younger but have never had problems with it until very recently. ... (5 replies)
... Okay, about two weeks ago I caught a bug that was going around, and I'am just now getting over it. I had a really bad cough, and now after all of that coughing my lungs are still sore. ... (5 replies)
... I started taking Lexapro in July 2007. After initial extra anxiety, it finally kicked in and it helped with panic attacks a lot, even OCD. I was on 5mgs. even though they wanted to up it. ... (1 replies)
... anxiety attacks for 32 years. One day in a therapy session something I said made my counselor ask me if I thought I might be having anger attacks. She was right. ... (10 replies)
... ith that nervous feeling in my stomach. Also during the day I feel really "floaty" or detached when I get hungry and sometimes I will feel that way about an hour after I eat with hurting hunger pains. ... (0 replies)
... fear of food poisoning during my freshman year of college. It was a terrible cycle, I wouldn't eat for fear of getting sick, when I did eat I would have terrible panic attacks. Eventually I was so scared of having a panic attack I started skipping class. I stopped eating almost completely. ... (1 replies)

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