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... I'm pretty much ok during the day, when I go to bed at night though I start to have palpitations or strange feelings in my chest and throat, every time I get panicked and then they just get worse. Last night I finally took a xanax and I made it to sleep. ... (10 replies)
... It's not the addiction part that will be bad about Ativan, it's if you develop a tolerance...then you get to go into withdrawals while still on the med, or end up taking such high doses you end up abusing them. Yeah, been there, done that with Ativan myself....but never abused; in fact, it was my doc who said I should take more although my dose was already high. I just... (3 replies)
... Well here I am still. For anyone that hasnt read any of my previous posts I am a 28 year old male that recently quit a hardcore weed smoking habit. ... (3 replies)

... Now that i recall i was having very bal heart palpitations a few months before i quit smoking pot, i was taking diet pills and going through a very stressfull time. ... (6 replies)
... I used to smoke, for over 20 years. At times, up to a pack a day. During my worst bout with anxiety, several years ago, I was smoking so much it seemed like I had one lit all day long. ... (15 replies)
... v department so I get plenty of that!! Wow, what a ride this quitting smoking has been. Definitely peeling away the final layers of the onion. ... (3 replies)
... About a week after I quit smoking weed I started having BAD anxiety attacks. ... (1 replies)
... Let's see... I quit smoking and drinking again for good this time... ... (9 replies)
... and I quit smoking in May, 2005. 1 month later, the severe palpitations began! how crazy is that? ... (8 replies)
... I'm new here, 42 male, married 2 kids. I just started reading this board today and Holy crap. I am truly amazed, sad and relieved that I'm not alone with this. It's opened my eyes a bit to what my true problems may be. My anxiety is also heart related but also covers a decent range of other symptoms from inability to concentrate, to worrying needlessly over everything... (9 replies)
... I'm such a mess right now. I quit smoking about 5 weeks ago, and I think this has really helped to make my anxiety worse, but I am not giving in. I do not want to smoke. ... (6 replies)
... I am in the exact same boat as you my friend. 22, smoke (attempting to quit) used to drink (too paranoid to drink anymore). I've done everything the docs have told me to do. Stop ratting fatty food, no caffeine, all that stuff. After almost a year of positave tests and countless trips to the ER fearing I was having a heart attack or dying, I finally got diagnosed with... (14 replies)
... Hello- Diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder in 2003. I have noticed that it comes on for months end then it will stop and bam its back full fledged again. Im literally worrying 7 months out of the year? I was controlling it with 60 mg of prozac a day, kolonopin 1 mg daily, and up to 3 1 mg ativan a day plus therapy 1 a week since the EARLY 2008 Then i lost my... (2 replies)
... al times per minute,it got so bad I got a habit of checking my pulse "ocd" The cardiologist said all the test were perfect and to cut out caffeine,chocolate,quit smoking ect...... ... (4 replies)
... een where you are now. When I had my first anxiety attack around age 30, I went to the ER telling them I was having a heart attack. When I started having crazy palpitations a few years ago from perimenopause, I thought I was on the verge of dying. ... (5 replies)
... and I don't have to be dependent on a daily medication that will cause withdrawal if I want to stop. I also quit smoking four years ago, I limit my caffeine and I don't take anything with Sudafed in it. ... (8 replies)
... Hi, this is a good topic, I am curious to read everyone's response. Mine was brought on by heart palpitations, which started after I quit smoking (go figure!) I've always suffered from mild anxiety & panic attacks, but nothing quite like this. I'm exploring all of my options - SSRI's, Xanax (helps alot), Beta Blockers, Therapy, Hormones... phew. I just want to... (10 replies)
... ekg he said im healthy again... After that episode I said to hell with smoking and totally quit. ... (3 replies)
... Hello Domn8tor, I hope you still get on this site.. Your symptoms sound almost excactly like mine. I'm a 27 y/o male and back in september of 2007 I had very strong palpitations that had me feeling like I was about to have a heart attack or just die miserably, my heart was racing, I got very dizzy, my whole body got cold (hands and feet mostly, they got clamy at times as... (11 replies)

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