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... My anxiety got So Bad, last night, in the middle of the night, heart palps, heart racing 100 mph, nausea, very very sick. Still sick this morning, shaky, nausea, chest pain, had it last night also, rapid heart rate, very sick feeling. ... (16 replies)
... e Dr.'s have tried me on other SSRI's in the past, all with the same effects. I had success 15 years ago with Xanax, I got over my panic attacks within 6 months and no withdrawal from the drug. But I only had hyperventilating symptoms then. Now I'm scared of my heart skipping all the time, along with it racing non stop. ... (15 replies)
... isn't all that uncommon. You can probably correct that by slowing your exercise routine and breathing less shallow. ... (57 replies)

... I have decided to write on this board as i have just suffered my usual Anxiety and sickness attck. Sorry if this gets a bit long but i feel quite lost sitting infront of the computer. ... (10 replies)
HVS and anxiety
Mar 10, 2003
... Recently I was diagnosed with Hyperventilation syndrome which is anxiety related. The DR prescribed xanax and said not to take it unless I absolutely had to. ... (8 replies)
... I would venture a guess that most everyone who experiences panic and extreme anxiety does have one or more of these symptoms because those symptoms are what causes the panic. ... (14 replies)
... I calmed down after about 15 minutes enough to take my Celexa and I felt better. ... (1 replies)
New to anxiety
Aug 12, 2013
... i am new to this as well and this is what has brought me to this board - i am older than you, i am 46 - i have for the last 10years been what people would refer to as a "worry wart" however the last 12 months i have have 3 episodes where i feel overwhelmed with anxiety - i was able to deal with the first 2 episodes somewhat on my own - i did go and speak to a professional for... (10 replies)
New to Anxiety
Jul 28, 2011
... I can relate to what you're going through and tell you that you're fine. A few years ago I had a few stressful situations all happen at once. ... (3 replies)
... At first it was then I was just out of it and nausea was a big problem I still get nauseous with 25mg but oh well hopefully it passes when I wake up even now because I take it at night my heart pounds a little but it's only been 3 days since have been taking it but yesterday I did not have to take klonopin so that's good but my heart doesn't pound too much but it's not... (8 replies)
... panic. I was diagnosed with svt and mild mvp about 7 years ago, take propanolol for it. The Dr.'s kept telling me my heart racing and chest pain was anxiety, and finally I had a Dr. capture the svt. Because of the anxiety I had over my heart, and constant fear of health problems in general, she put me on Lexapro. ... (5 replies)
... days after surgery I was relaxing in bed when I sudenly felt a strange wave come over me, I started heaving , I broke out in a sweat like I wter dumped on me and my heart racing and my chest turned ice cold. Scarey. ... (8 replies)
... not to worry you are young like me most likely it is anxiety related thats what i keep telling myself lol can you please list all your symptoms so i can compare and contrast lol for my sanity have you been through alot in the past to bring this out? ... (30 replies)
Health Anxiety
Oct 1, 2015
... I have suffered from health anxiety on and off for at least 25 years. ... (8 replies)
... During a panic attack I have the following symptoms, or this is what I remember lol *embarassed* Racing, pounding heart Heart palpitations (as in skipping beats) Feelings of despair Feeling like emotional life or physical life is coming to an end Chest pain Hyperventilation Chest tightness, feels like you can't breathe enough Weakness (120 replies)
Cant eat
Jan 3, 2004
... I can get severe pain in my stomach, severe nausea, "intestinal spasms". But sometimes it elevates to something similar to a panic attack, shaking, racing heart, fast breathing, flushes, weakness etc plus the stomach pain and nausea. ... (12 replies)
... I recently posted a thread on the heart board about monthg ago seeking advice on some chest, muscle, arm and neck pain ive been having. I was convinced that i have something wrong with my heart. ... (8 replies)
... Thanks to immortal19 for this list: Here is a list of common symptoms for anxiety/panic disorder...of course there are a lot of other ones but these are the most common: HEART sensations~ * racing or rapid heart beat (fight or flight response) * heart palpitations (fight or flight response) * 'missed' heart beats (fight or flight response) (1 replies)
... Then, I gained 40 pounds. I never weighed more than 185 in my life, and suddenly I went from 175 when I started Paxil to 215. In turn, my cholesterol went to hell, and my doc said I needed to lose the weight. ... (4 replies)
... my immunity drops and I get reoccurring shingles. FUN!!! ... (8 replies)

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