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... iends and the next day when i was taking a nap i was awoken by a strange panic sensation. i didnt know what was wrong but i knew i didnt feel right. i noticed my heart felt like it was beating too slow, then as soon as i realized this, it began beating really fast. ... (3 replies)
HVS and anxiety
Mar 15, 2003
... which is actually the rolling sensation I was talking about although I didn't know it was fast heart rate. ... (8 replies)
... my hornones are gonna kill me beofr ei get diagnosed does it help to take zanax beofre bed time i am sooo depressed today i feel like im in hell.... ... (13 replies)

... marriage and must move to an apartment. I am having a very hard time accepting all of this which has made my panic attacks come back! ... (2 replies)
Racing heart
Nov 11, 2005
... I've been having a problem with my heart beating too fast and strong a lot of the time, especially in the evenings and at night when I wake up. ... (24 replies)
... ty about some female problems I was having but when I learned that all was well this went away. Are you really worried about some health issue or other problems at this time? ... (17 replies)
... heavy palpitation at night..body pulsates to heart beat. ... (43 replies)
... Happened one Sunday night a little over a month ago, I was sitting on the couch watching t.v. and out of the blue right at bed time my heart just started racing and I got fidgity, I blew it off and went to bed, I was up most of night fighting sleep because of racing heart beat, unsure where that anxiety came from. ... (1 replies)
... drive me to the ER. I woke up out of a deep sleep with my heart racing. They did an EKG at the hospital and said everything looked fine. I still have the racing heart fours years later but no heart attacks. ... (8 replies)
... the night!! Being a young mom I would have scary thoughts of something happening to me or my children and etc... and the list goes on! I would try to go to sleep at night and I would have racing thoughts and would scare myself into not going to sleep afraid that I might never wake up. ... (36 replies)
... to worrying needlessly over everything and anything to not being able to sleep properly. Most every day there's something that I dwell on all day long, either a heart related ailment or some obscure thing from the past or even worrying excessively about future events that I have to participate in. ... (9 replies)
... Over 20 year period I guess I had it all the classic heart beating a hunderd miles per hour to the tingling of arms and legs, headackes, chest pain just all of it. ... (2 replies)
... Hi Nicole and Everyone , I am sure glad I found this thread . My doctor just put me on Toprol xl , for the exact reasons you have . My heart rate would go up to 111 . Didn't know if my heartrate was causing me to panic or my panic was causing my heart rate . ... (7 replies)
... I am so glad to see that someone else feels the same way. I too, am experiencing constant chest pains, racing heart rate, chills and on an on. I am scared to death. ... (5 replies)
... with seraching the web by my symptoms just further scareing myself.My symptoms could of been sooooo many different things so this did me not one bit of good.The racing heart I did have that one time almost all day and night for several months. ... (4 replies)
Heart quiver
Aug 5, 2006
... analyze it. ill get a pen and paper and write down what i need to do for the day or what im gonna fix for dinner just anything to take my mind off the palps and racing heart and anxiety feeling. and like you say it passes and if it passes every time then it has to be anxiety because nothing has happened yet. ... (7 replies)
Lorazepam question
Jun 18, 2007
... and at night time I have pretty big ones. The one where I wake up with my heart racing with trouble catching my breath..its awful really. Do you think the psychologist that I will see for the first time will teach me breathing exercises? ... (4 replies)
Racing heart.
Nov 30, 2006
... ded and dizzzy, but I am attributing that to the high blood pressure. I know what you mean about the vision thing with the meds. Like last night, I was looking at my Sirius radio receiver and the title of the song flashes across the screen, well it was almost like it was in slow motion and had some lag time. ... (4 replies)
... w and have found some comfort. I am hesitant to go back on 100 mg because I feel I can control these darn panic attacks withoout an increase. I am still having heart racing days though... Do you take zoloft in the morning? ... (10 replies)
... My anxiety began in November of 2009, right before Thanksgiving. I woke in the middle of the night feeling as though I was going to have a heart attack! My heart was pounding and racing, my muscles were all as hard as a rock and I was beginning to hyperventalate. ... (4 replies)

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