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... Lately I've been worried about many issues including health. I don't understand why during the day I don't have any problems, like heart racing, etc.. It only happens to me during the middle of my sleep. ... (17 replies)
... in just a matter of minutes it stops the racing heart plus it helps with anxiety plus like you I take a little xanax. ... (17 replies)
... iends and the next day when i was taking a nap i was awoken by a strange panic sensation. i didnt know what was wrong but i knew i didnt feel right. i noticed my heart felt like it was beating too slow, then as soon as i realized this, it began beating really fast. ... (3 replies)

... I use to wake up with the racing heart and the burning body i think they call that the pins and needles sensation. I used to run to the emergency room all the time thought i was having a heart attack. ... (16 replies)
... I know a lot of girls say they get really bad heart palps and anxiety when they PMS, but do any of you experiance this ''during'' your period. ... (7 replies)
... My heart races so fast during these attacks it's unreal. The other night my whole chest felt hot and I felt like my heart would just explode! ... (2 replies)
... During a full blown panic attack Racing heart normally as high as 130 Flushed feeling Feeling like I'm about to die and need to get help fast Anxeity-Sometimes most of these are daily for me. And they worsen around the time of my menses. I'm in perimeno. Feeling off balance (18 replies)
... this comes in waves.. it gts worse at night for me, but i do have it during the day too.. ... (3 replies)
... You could try the xanax before bed, it certainly wouldn't hurt, but like I said, it will probably wear off during the night. ... (13 replies)
... Last night I sure it was a heart incident, but luckily I'm here writing about it. ANyone else have this? ... (16 replies)
Racing heart
Nov 11, 2005
... I've been having a problem with my heart beating too fast and strong a lot of the time, especially in the evenings and at night when I wake up. ... (24 replies)
... faint.. i keep getting these feelings in waves.. then i'll get the chills, like i have the flu or something.. i dotn really get a racing heart or short of breath anaymore, although that use to be my main smptom.. i've been dealing with this for that last 9 years. ... (16 replies)
... I was the same as you described = okay during the day but just as soon as you try to sleep -bam it hits you -like you are trying to run a marathon. Do you take a beta blocker like Inderal to slow yours down. I take a small dosage for mvp so that really helps with this to. Pray you sleep well tonight - (17 replies)
... ce, xanax didn't help me with that. It doesn't last that long. If you take it before you go to sleep it might help you go to sleep easier, but it will wear off during the night. Didn't you get a prescription for a beta blocker? ... (13 replies)
... force themselves to move or take steps. When I first had this I was waking bathed in sweat at night, and ultimately had the classic panic attack episode with a racing heart, trembling, hard to breathe, etc. ... (6 replies)
... I threw up during lunch that day, and for the first 3 months of school I was constantly in the nurse's office and constatnly having my mom come pick me up. ... (6 replies)
Is this anxiety
Oct 1, 2010
... on weekends and most days during the school holidays for nearly a year, until I had a hallucination. ... (1 replies)
... no heart racing or anything but just weird feeling and wondering why after feeling pretty normal for the past several days, I feel like this again!! ... (10 replies)
... It started around Sept of 2007. I was getting feelings of vertigo, lightheadedness, racing heart, etc. At the time I went to my general practitioner and he thought I had "labrynthitis" which is an inner ear condition, explaining the vertigo, etc. ... (6 replies)
... Happened one Sunday night a little over a month ago, I was sitting on the couch watching t.v. and out of the blue right at bed time my heart just started racing and I got fidgity, I blew it off and went to bed, I was up most of night fighting sleep because of racing heart beat, unsure where that anxiety came from. ... (1 replies)

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