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... from all the years and years of anxiety! But just to let you know after numerous tests everything is fine. It would really take years of constant high BP and a racing heart that doesn't return to a normal beating pattern to do damage. My cardiolgist wasn't too concerned with my high BP spikes when i told him, so try and relax. ... (17 replies)
... nt bouts lately as I have a lot of extra anxiety in my life right now. I take a very small piece of Xanax also to help me get back to sleep. The Xanax calms my heart rate also. I try to tell myself that this has happened in the past and I've lived through it and it's going to be fine. ... (17 replies)
... utoimmune issues, etc. Now we've been exploring the anxiety angle. I also have horrible insomnia that Ambien and Lunesta don't help. Coupled with my insomnia, my racing mind, and low level of chronic anxiety being home with two little ones, that seems logical. ... (5 replies)

... nikigirl i have that same thing happen now and am seeing the heart dr to see whats wrong with me. every night wake up with a racing heart and my heart dr today said yes that anxiety will cause that. you can be asleep and have anxiety attacks. i have also had my family dr tell me that as well. ... (4 replies)
... if I wake up, or if I have had trouble falling asleep my heart rate jumps up to what I consider to be too fast of a resting rate. I'm having to assume its anxiety reltated. ... (17 replies)
... I too have recently been waking up with a racing heart. I know it's anxiety related because I just got a promotion at work, but my new position is very stressful. ... (17 replies)
... You could try the xanax before bed, it certainly wouldn't hurt, but like I said, it will probably wear off during the night. You know the story with my heart rate - it is all over the map. I get tachy as soon as I get up out of bed in the morning. I take 1/2 of the beta blocker and within 20 minutes my heart rate is slow (like 50-60) again. It hasn't had any effect on my... (13 replies)
... with seraching the web by my symptoms just further scareing myself.My symptoms could of been sooooo many different things so this did me not one bit of good.The racing heart I did have that one time almost all day and night for several months. ... (4 replies)
... I am so glad to see that someone else feels the same way. I too, am experiencing constant chest pains, racing heart rate, chills and on an on. I am scared to death. ... (5 replies)
HVS and anxiety
Mar 15, 2003
... which is actually the rolling sensation I was talking about although I didn't know it was fast heart rate. ... (8 replies)
... heavy palpitation at night..body pulsates to heart beat. ... (43 replies)
... iends and the next day when i was taking a nap i was awoken by a strange panic sensation. i didnt know what was wrong but i knew i didnt feel right. i noticed my heart felt like it was beating too slow, then as soon as i realized this, it began beating really fast. ... (3 replies)
Racing Hearts
Apr 11, 2007
... Usually with in a half an hour of falling asleep you wake up heart racing feel shaky and kind of not quite with it.. Doesn't happen all the time but last night I woke up after about a half an hour of sleeping first felt weird out of it kind of feeling then racing heart and a little shakey.. ... (0 replies)
... Hi Nicole and Everyone , I am sure glad I found this thread . My doctor just put me on Toprol xl , for the exact reasons you have . My heart rate would go up to 111 . Didn't know if my heartrate was causing me to panic or my panic was causing my heart rate . ... (7 replies)
Night Attacks
Dec 29, 2005
... night!! Being a young mom I would have scary thoughts of something happening to me or my children and etc... and the list goes on! I would try to go to sleep at night and I would have racing thoughts and would scare myself into not going to sleep afraid that I might never wake up. ... (15 replies)
... to worrying needlessly over everything and anything to not being able to sleep properly. Most every day there's something that I dwell on all day long, either a heart related ailment or some obscure thing from the past or even worrying excessively about future events that I have to participate in. ... (9 replies)
... pounding heart beat,quite doctor a while ago check my heart and said all sounded ok and its just anxiety...during the day i am ticking at around 60bpm blood pressure excellent..... ... (3 replies)
... h me man. be it at the doctors, therapist, talking to people, my face turns BEAT red! Nothing i tried has helped with the blushing, and my therapist told me last night that thats the last symptom that goes away.. i said great! thats the worst part of social anxiety for me! ... (7 replies)
... Over the past few months i started to notice my heart beat. I could be sat on my bed doing nothing and i will feel a pulsating feeling in my stomach, temples, chest, hands, eveywhere. ... (7 replies)
HVS and anxiety
Mar 17, 2003
... Anyway, I'm curious, did you have the other things like racing heart and that sort of thing. The DR that did my echo said that both hyperventilation and anxiety can cause the heart to race. ... (8 replies)

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