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Remeron anyone?
Oct 14, 2006
... of a .25 mgm tab with excellent results, except the rebound anxiety can be a killer. ... (67 replies)
... SSRI's never worked for my anxiety. A doctor recently suggested Effexor or Cymbalta to me...I think they are SNRI's. Have you considered you might have rebound anxiety from a tolerance to Xanax? ... (4 replies)
... If you are taking it possible that it wears off while you are resting and when you wake up you have rebound anxiety? ... (15 replies)

... Benzodiazepines like Xanax and Klonopin do not give good sleep; it's anesthetic sleep with suppression of vital stage's 4 and REM and too much stage 2 sleep. They also have rebound/dependancy/tolerance/withdrawal issues. There is a free online manual called the Ashton Manual concerning benzos. Antidepressants are almost as bad. Both cover up symptoms but change functions of... (15 replies)
... I just feel sick all the time, I get so many headaches, I am always tired, I feel nauseous a lot, etc. When I take a Xanax it usually makes me feel better, but I wonder if once it wears off it is actually causing these "rebound" systems. ... (16 replies)
... used stays in the body a few days after stopping but most importantly you cannot stop motropolol cold turkey you need to taper off it over a few weeks or you get rebound bp and also "anxiety" insomnia, pins and needles etc etc. ... (3 replies)
... Xanax worked best, calmed me down enough to stop obsessing about falling asleep, but that is really addicative and I had rebound anxiety. ... (9 replies)
... panic symptoms. Have you given SSRI's or any anti anxiety medication you take on a regular basis? ... (2 replies)
... I don't know much about BB's, but I have taken many different types of antidepressants all of which caused major side effects including anxiety in many different forms, so it is really difficult to tell the difference. In fact, it is probably impossible. ... (3 replies)
... I have been on different Benzos for anxiety for the past several months, Serax Hated it, Xanax felt to strung out and now on a low dose of Klonipin for the past 2 months .25 to .5mg twice a day for anxiety. ... (5 replies)
Xanax experiences?
Apr 27, 2008
... And could someone explain to me exactly what a rebound effect is and what it might feel like for someone with anxiety issues who has been on Xanax. Thank you so much! ... (5 replies)
... it. i just take it as soon as i felt a little "jittery" which is the feeling i get when im about to get really anxious. i definitly think that klonopin causes rebound anxiety. my doc first prescribed it for me as an "as needed" medication but i quickly found myself taking it every day because i needed it. ... (8 replies)
... Hmmm, interesting. The reason my doctor prescibed Klonopin as opposed to Xanax is that she said it's LESS likely to be addictive than Xanax thanks to its longer half life. She did stress that there is the risk of dependecy with all benzos but that Klonopin posed the least risk of that. ... (10 replies)
... I was a very happy person for 42 years. My dad died, and it was not an easy death, and it seems like anxiety is what I now suffer from since his passing. Could be coincidence though, who knows. ... (9 replies)
... ultivitamin with B complex, or B complex supplement, it has helped me. Many people are nutrient deficient, and don't realize it, plus hormones can play a part in anxiety as well. You might want to read up on B complex, multivitamins, and magnesium. ... (4 replies)
... I heard that prozac is wonderful. Celexa was good for me. It was very mild. It just didn't get rid of my derealization which is one of the reason I went on it. (7 replies)
... Yes, Paxil scared the hell out of me, I was on 10 mg, and was doing great for about a wk, some stomach upset, but had the Worst Panic Anxiety attack one night, I have ever had in my life. Then I tried Effexor, and had pounding Heart Palpitations like a race horse. ... (7 replies)
... I tried Lexapro and it made me so nauseated that I couldn't continue to take it. I took Xanax for a month but started to feel kinda sick on it and really, really tired. ... (4 replies)
My Story...
Aug 7, 2012
... You are about the same age when my health anxiety started. ... (2 replies)
... I took it and it did give me a rebound affect, I would avoid xanax, I'm less sure about the klonopin but whenever I have stopped it I weaned down, not abrubty and it worked. ... (22 replies)

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