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... Yes, I have Xanax .25 mgm prescribed to use as need up to 3 x day. Now I have never taken it 3 x day. ... (48 replies)
... My psyche doc did prescribe Xanax which she advised me to use up to 3 x day especially in the first few weeks as she said the anxiety can worsen when first on an AD. ... (48 replies)
Remeron anyone?
Oct 13, 2006
... you didn't have anynegative effects from the Remeron right? ... (67 replies)

Remeron anyone?
Oct 11, 2006
... Wen the doc last week said I defiitely needed fusions at at least 3 lrvrls I truly thought I was having a nervous breakdown. ... (67 replies)
Remeron anyone?
Nov 12, 2006
... that stoping the remeron helped with the cravings. i didn't crave one particular food. ... (67 replies)
Remeron anyone?
Nov 7, 2006
... you do make me laugh. that's how i felt for days. i would sell my sould for a Krispy Kreme in a heartbeat. I haven't taken the remeron for 2 straight nights and appetite is normal. i'm curious to see what effect it has on water retention since my hands and feet are swollen. ... (67 replies)
Remeron anyone?
Oct 26, 2006
... like anxiousinj. I take 20mg. split into 4 doses. I tried the ssri's and couldn't tolerate the side effects. I have tried wellbutrin also, didn't last only a week on that one. I asked my dr. about remeron and she said no, because I have problems with dizziness too much. ... (67 replies)
Remeron anyone?
Sep 29, 2006
... Kathy! I didn't realize that was you. Yes, I'm still sticking it out with the Remeron although I honestly came very close this week to calling the doc & saying let's try something else....or nothing--like you, I just want off these meds-- I have sooo many other meds & this is just adding to me med paranoia. Anyway-- the 22.5 mgm is not a problem with grogginess at all. I... (67 replies)
Remeron anyone?
Nov 16, 2006
... I have the same nightmare with coordinating docs, plus all the paperwork-- I have folders all over the kitchen counter with EOB's, what has been paid , what hasn't. there isn't a day I'm not on the phone w the insurance co to argue about something & that alone is wearing me down. And tha appt schedule--- ugh. There's always a minimum of 2 docs a week, next week it is 3, &... (67 replies)
Remeron anyone?
Nov 7, 2006
... ICC, It's really good to type & vent-- get it out !!!! You sound like me & I know how horrible it feels. You don't want to be this witchy woman- but situations make you that way. I go to PT 3 x week also- trying to see if strenghening the back muscles can help avoid surgery. One day I'm thinking I can beat this- then the next the pain is so bad I feel it's all a waste of... (67 replies)
Ativan concerns
Feb 7, 2004
... You can't do that and going off benzos can not be done by creating a drop schedule either. You drop 0.5mg or better cut the pill and drop 0.25mg for at least a week and stabilize for days before you drop 0.25mg again. ... (2 replies)
... 3/4 of a tab per day for one week 1/2 a tab per day for one week 1/4 of a tab per day for one week then stop. (4 replies)
Ativan concerns
Feb 7, 2004
... mg a day over a 3 week period. I successfully stopped taking it and took none for 3 weeks but then my anxiety levels skyrocketed due to worsening of my spinal problems and increased work stress. ... (2 replies)
Remeron Poop-Out
Nov 27, 2006
... I was on the 15 mg for a month. the last week of it felt like before i started. took the 30 mg for about 5 days and God did I feel awful. the frist 3 weeks on the 15 had less of an appetite and that was great but the last week I was eating everything not nailed down. ... (15 replies)
Remeron anyone?
Nov 14, 2006
... m swallow. need to see my attorney again. i can't handle this and it's what he gets paid for. need to sit back and get well. I have two PT session scheduled this week that i think i will cancel since i have 3 dr.s appt. and can't seem to handle too much at one well my frined and i am sending the prayers your way. ... (67 replies)
... I posted this question on the Remeron thread, but thought I should make a new thread. ... (0 replies)
... topped working, I never gained weight. After that went on Celexa, it made me feel horrible.... went off that after 6 weeks, and just stayed off of medication for 3 days to clean out my system, and to see how I was without meds, I crashed miserably. After that I went on Remeron, and still on it. ... (55 replies)
New to the boards
Aug 17, 2003
... The dr. put me on effexor xr 35 to start then 75 after the first week in the mornings and remeron 15 at night. ... (3 replies)
... I take 40mg of Prozac and it took at least 5 days to kick in. I also take Klonopin 3 times per day and Remeron at bedtime. ... (7 replies)
... of the weight gain. it now interacts with my BP meds. seroquel made me a zombie and i gained 15 pounds overnight. recently took rmeeron 15 mg and it was good for 3 weeks when all symptoms returned. dr. then upped it to 30 mg. and after 6 nights i couldn't take the weird feeling anymore. ... (2 replies)

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