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Remeron anyone?
Nov 8, 2006
... added to the already xanax I have been taking for about the past seven years. I must say I am having the strangest side effect ever from a medication. ... (67 replies)
... be confined to a hospital is enough to send me into a tailspin. ... (48 replies)
Remeron anyone?
Oct 26, 2006
... like anxiousinj. I take 20mg. split into 4 doses. I tried the ssri's and couldn't tolerate the side effects. I have tried wellbutrin also, didn't last only a week on that one. I asked my dr. about remeron and she said no, because I have problems with dizziness too much. ... (67 replies)

... That's what I thought...that FREQUENT urination was a possible symptom. ... (48 replies)
Remeron anyone?
Nov 12, 2006
... that stoping the remeron helped with the cravings. i didn't crave one particular food. ... (67 replies)
Remeron anyone?
Nov 7, 2006
... you do make me laugh. that's how i felt for days. i would sell my sould for a Krispy Kreme in a heartbeat. I haven't taken the remeron for 2 straight nights and appetite is normal. i'm curious to see what effect it has on water retention since my hands and feet are swollen. ... (67 replies)
... Just an update on my Remeron progress. I'm now at day 5 and I have to say that I've not had any severe anxiety since starting it. ... (48 replies)
... urance but was recommended by my regular doctor and is supposedly only of the best in the area. Hopefully these meds will work out. And I'm glad to hear that the Remeron is working for you. ... (3 replies)
... explained to her that I really would feel better if shees a psychologist. She said this has happened before, but rarely. ... (48 replies)
Remeron anyone?
Oct 25, 2006
... When I'm severely anxious and depressed, I lose interest in eveything I once loved doing and eating just happens to be one of those things. ... (67 replies)
... relate my current anxiety to events in my childhood. I've always been a somewhat anxious person, but it never became debilitating until I hit my 30s. Like you, I wonder if perhaps it is somewhat hormonally related. ... (48 replies)
... I totally agree with you guys. I have been on Remeron for depression which turned out to be more anxiety than anything and the Remeron made everything worse including feeling like I could hurt somebody. I was very edgy and very grouchy. I yelled at my kids and husband almost all the time. ... (10 replies)
Remeron anyone?
Oct 24, 2006
... I used to LOVE Halloween. I don't have one fall decoration up. ... (67 replies)
Remeron anyone?
Sep 29, 2006
... the 22.5 mgm is not a problem with grogginess at all. ... (67 replies)
... mg of lexapro, and 45 mg of remeron. My caffeine intake is just under a GRAM per day. ... (0 replies)
Remeron anyone?
Sep 29, 2006
... I swear I must be the only user of this drug on the face of the planet who still did not want to eat while on it. I find that a bit amusing given that that's one of the major reasons I agreed to take it in the first place. Sooo, take my experience with a grain of salt. ... (67 replies)
... system, and to see how I was without meds, I crashed miserably. After that I went on Remeron, and still on it. Some people do gain weight when they first start remeron as a side effects, but then they loose it again. I never gained weight. ... (55 replies)
... It is caused by it. You cannot get rid of it until your panic and anxiety is gone for a while. ... (9 replies)
Remeron anyone?
Oct 5, 2006
... I took my 6th dose of Remeron tonight. I have gained 5 lbs. since being on it. I have never had a problem with gaining weight and could always eat whatever I wanted. I hate this side effect. I am going to talk to my Dr. next week about switching me. ... (67 replies)
Remeron anyone?
Nov 8, 2006
... this is like a comedy movie ! ... (67 replies)

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