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... I was so thrilled i decided to wean off escitalopram right away! ... (0 replies)
... Jessica, I'm glad to hear you are through withdrawal. I have a question for you though, how are you mentally now as compared to pre Zoloft? I'm hoping that it's better than before because right now I'm not exactly sure of what the goal of taking SSRI's is at this point (duh! probably a good question for my doc). I just don't know if they are a band aid for the short... (7 replies)
Switching SSRI's
Sep 17, 2007
... Not sure! they are both SSRI' then you should have no porblem. I switched right from lexapro 25 mg's to Paxil CR 25 mg's and ha dno problem. Now when i got off the Paxil with nothing.... wow boy, never again! ... (2 replies)

... but you have to stick with the treatment, and if you feel too bad, take your Ativan. I know it's tough right now, but pull through it and you'll be ok. ... (6 replies)
... It was really annoying and made me worry that there was something wrong with my brain. No worries though. They go away within a couple weeks and you will be right as rain. Keep you Xanax handy for a crisis and you should be fine. ... (16 replies)
... Is it better to come off one drug and rest your body or go right onto another SSRI. ... (8 replies)
... I also agree that you have a right to be heard by your doctor. They get paid very well to do whats in your best interest. ... (33 replies)
... I'm not on any SSRI but I do take Xanax for my anxiety. ... (6 replies)
... That's the question I have. I'm on 10mg of Lexapro and the worst symptom I have right now is muscle aches. My calves ache, my forearms,biceps and I can feel tightness that runs up my hamstrings. ... (6 replies)
... been taking Lexapro 10 for 3 weeks and feel only slightly better. I was on Wellbutrin XL for a month until I started seeing a counselor. She felt that it wasn't right for me and suggested to my doctor an SSRI like here I am. I am still waiting to feel better! I do at home.. ... (43 replies)
... pse. I went to the doctor and he gave me Wellbutrin this time. He wanted to try Lexipro but I have had it with SSRI's. I know Wellbutrin doesn't help anxiety but right now my main concern is depression. I have been on it for a week and feel better already. ... (6 replies)
... I take 20mgs daily paxil right now, look forward to getting back on paxil CR. ... (6 replies)
... After I got off Paxil and then Zoloft in 2001, I noticed I had no emotions and was very dull. So I hope this is the right place for me to ask this, just REALLY want to know!!!!! ... (4 replies)
... they may be interacting with each other since they're both SSRI' to your doc right away before your next dose. ... (43 replies)
... valium makes me vomit and xanax does nothing for me. klonopin must be the right one for me. i agree that we never know the long term side effects of any drug. ... (15 replies)
... My question is regarding Benzos vs. SSRIs. I have constant anxiety. Thankfully it's not really there overnight. For the most part I sleep fine. But during the day it's there. I have annoying symptoms (and am on Topamax for migraines, which just adds more anxiety as a side effect). But my anxiety has been constant for the past 7 months since getting off depakote for migraines.... (15 replies)
... wow your right down the street for me....hope your having a great time!. just had a tornado touch down right next to my house.!! ... (11 replies)
... ms with the Zoloft I read dozens of threads on this and other sites. Many similar to your own. There was no consensus. You need to keep trying until you find the right one. ... (5 replies)
... ok so no worries so far for me...keep on the right track and i should be fine... ... (4 replies)
SSRI Withdrawal
Jun 30, 2007
... I had these things in my head often and always when I was going to sleep for the night. They were unusually loud bangs like a gun had gone off right next to my ear. I would always sit up and look around but it was all in my mind. ... (11 replies)

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