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... Hello. Great posts everybody. I too suffer from this maddening disease. I have been diagnosed with anxiety and ocd. ... (40 replies)
Feb 17, 2004
... Bill I took it a long time ago. Didn't care for it at all. It made me feel dry and it caused constipation bad in me. Didn't matter about diet or water intake. I hatted it, but that is only MY experience. You could surely be different. Though used for anxiety? I don't know about that. Good luck with something though. MV (6 replies)
... I understand that Risperdal is labeled as an antipsychotic, which is the reason hearing about this is making me concerned. ... (1 replies)

... risperdal is an antipsychotic and meant for schizophrenia. Unless you have lots of hallucinations from your anxiety/depression (psychotic depression) I'd try some other things before going on risperdal. frank (8 replies)
... My experience with Zyprexa was that it caused me to retain fluid so badly that my feet were so swollen my toes wouldn't touch the floor. I've taken Risperdal, and it helps insomnia, but to my knowledge didn't do anything for anxiety. You will probably end up having to take an anti-anxiety med in combo with a sleep aid. Ambien CR worked well for me, but I was getting up eating... (1 replies)
... and .5mg of Risperdal every day and monitored by my Psy Doc every month. ... (1 replies)
... I am taking a low dose of risperdal for anxiety. ... (5 replies)
Feb 17, 2004
... I'm taking it right now. One of it's uses is to blunt the effects of paranoia, and in my experience that's exactly what it does. It hasn't made me much less nervous though. (6 replies)
Feb 17, 2004
... Has anyone here had any experience with risperdal for anxiety problems. My Dr just prescribed it for me for anxiety and nervousness. I've heard about it, but have never taken it. I would appreciate any feedback by people who have been on it and what they thought of it. ... (6 replies)
Sep 21, 2003
... My doctor gave me Risperdal to help me with Anxiety, has anyone taken this drug for Anxiety and did it help. Also what kind of side effects did you have? ... (5 replies)
... Now for the anxiety issues... ... (3 replies)
... Does Risperdal have similar effects? ... (1 replies)
... to fusionqueen sounds like the paxil isnt working, up the dose if OK or swap to another antidepressant, the klonapin dose seems to be too low also, remember klonapin tablets are deactivated by hot storage, eg in a car glovebox risperdal is as mentioned, an antipsychotic and is used by some docs in small doses for panic, but others say its unsuitable and wont use it at... (8 replies)
... MY ps Doc just gave me Risperdal to try for anxiety and panic. I already take paxil and klonopin. Has anyone tried this med? ... (8 replies)
... luvox and lexapro are both prozac type meds, sometimes 1 of these wont work and another one then will, the dose may need to be upped later to get it to work risperdal is an antipsychotic and some psychs use these for your problems, some dont. as long as the dose is small, I guess its OK, find out the dose range, they go OK with an antidepressant SA and OCD are both... (1 replies)
... ox for several months and it wasn't working out well for me. Recently, I saw my psychiatrist and she changed my meds. I've been diagnosed with depression, social anxiety disorder and OCD. She put me on Lexapro and Risperdal. Is this a good combination considering my diagnosis? ... (1 replies)
... days, so on.. been to e.r.s over 5x in 4 month.. psychotherapist wants met o stop all meds and take vistiril.. dont help anything, almsot forced to take the anxiety med but it donte ven work, so today as of right now i found risperdal and celexa and took 2mg risp, and 20mg celexa and it calm the terror just a bit ... ... (1 replies)
... i know it sounds bad because it is classed as an antipsychotic medicine(risperdal) but it helps with unreasonable thoughts which could in turn help your anxiety. I had bad anxiety, insomnia, unreasonable thoughts, depression, numbing in the arms 5 years ago after my daughter was born and finally found the right combination of meds for me which are Paxil and risperdone. Best... (9 replies)
Feb 17, 2004
... its an antipsychotic and these meds are used for anxiety in small doses by some docs, however their use is very controversial, psychs who specialise in anxiety generally dont use antipsychotic meds for anxiety it would help to ask doc exactly what he thinks is wrong with you, its possible he has you as psychotic, that is crazy for anxiety and nervousness, a valium type... (6 replies)
... call your doc and get a med change. Quitiapine is an antipsychotic drug and can be used adjuvantly for anxiety and or depression but it quite potent the synergy between that and the ssri is possibly not a good match for you. ... (4 replies)

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