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... so i understand that hypochondria is technically ocd, but i have been diagnosed with both severe anxiety, and moderate ocd/hypochondria. when i went in and was diagnosed, they reffered my to a therapist, but i do not want to go. but my point now is that, they also perscribed my a low dose birth control - to regulate hormones, not to prevent pregnancy, and now i've convinced... (3 replies)
... years I was fine with no meds at all. I started taking Zoloft again a little over a month ago, along with Xanax, and it has helped me immensly. I too suffer from severe health anxiety, which is also called hypochondria. So there's your answer. ... (5 replies)
Bring on cipralex?
Jun 15, 2009
... I suffer from severe hypochondria and anxiety for about 4 years. I have been prescribed .5 of Clonazapam for about 9 months and take half a pill here and there.. ... (0 replies)

... Coree, It sound to me like you are having a severe case of health anxiety (AKA: Hypochondria). Without seeing a doctor, there's no way that you can get a prescription for any type of medication to help you. You have to calm yourself down. You have had a multitude of tests confirming that you are in good health, and that nothing is wrong with you. You have to keep telling... (9 replies)
... to others that maybe are going through the same thing I am. I was recently diagnosed with GERD which is fine...I adjusted my diet. But what led up to that was a severe panic attack which I thought was a heart attack. I'm 28 and in good health and for the most part physically fit. ... (2 replies)
... h caring for my terminally ill mother for 4 years who dies of cancer 7 years ago. I watched her die. Today, I am a mess due to this pain in my side. It is not severe and I am doing my housework. Feels like gas. I expel it, but it comes back. I have had IBS all of my life, my not like this. ... (2 replies)
... The most effective treatment for hypochondria is CBT therapy. Recognizing and stopping behavior that would cause you to become so anxious. Talk therapy could also be beneficial. ... (4 replies)
... Hi everyone, I've struggled with generalized anxiety disorder since I was about 13 (I'm now 28). I've had different triggers come and go over the years, but I've dealt with most of them. Currently, though, I'm having a really difficult time with health anxiety/hypochondria that I can't seem to get past. I definitely have cardiophobia and live in fear of having a heart... (3 replies)
... chest xrays, everything turned out to be fine. Anxiety can play dirty tricks on your mind, and it's hard to ignore it, I go through this every single day. I am a severe hypochondriac and my friends and family don't understand me, they say "you're fine, it's all in your head. ... (4 replies)
... HI! I'm new and I'd appreciate some advice. About 5 years ago I woke up one morning with an intense fear that i would have an allergic reaction to any food I ate. For months I layed in bed and hardly ate or drank for fear of this. Subsequently I was also afraid to take anti anxiety medications, so this went on until I eventually began working my way back into a normal... (1 replies)
Please help me.
Mar 23, 2008
... I'm an 18 year old male who has been suffering from severe hypochondria on and off for about 2 1/2 years. I can't remember quite how it started, but it did about 2 summers ago where I would spend hours upon hours reading up on the internet about various diseases. I managed to stop obsessing when I went back to school but recently it's got worse and I feel at times that I'm... (7 replies)
House episode
Apr 11, 2007
... Yes i watched it and thought wow my mind really can do all this. I have severe hypochondria over my heart and usually suffer from symptoms everyday that i think are heart related. ... (2 replies)
... For as long as I can remember, I have always had anxiety and hypochondria problems. I have convinced myself that I've have had a number of different cancers, eye problems, etc. ... (4 replies)
My life on zoloft
Sep 14, 2005
... You could be right in some aspect of your thinking. I have severe hypochondria on top of all this so every symptom throws me into a fit of anxiety. ... (5 replies)
... It never really occurred to me that hypochondria was a real thing until my mother has made it a clear point that I worry about my body more than I should. ... (0 replies)
I am new :)
Jul 21, 2006
... When I woke up the next morning I was still very ill and started having very severe stomach cramps. During one of my episodes in the restroom, I made a frightening discovery, blood. ... (4 replies)
... I literally felt like I lost my mind. My OCD kicked in and told me I was losing my memory, I wasn't really alive, life was all a dream, etc. Than my hypochondria kicked in making me believe I had a brain tumor, degenerative brain disorder, MS, and every illness ever invented. ... (20 replies)
... a lot of fears concering oneself getting ill and dying and stuff like that sounds like hypochondria to me. ... (14 replies)
Remeron Poop-Out
Nov 26, 2006
... or Jan 4, but I can't spend the holidays obsessing about dying. I'm only 36 years old so, assuming I'm not dying, I'm in for a long haul if I don't get past this hypochondria of mine. I don't think all the Remeron in the world is going to fix that, but I don't know what WILL. I tried counseling... ... (15 replies)
... It may be worth mentioning I'm a teenager And I'm a severe worrier. I went thought a stage of serve hypochondria. I even convince myself I have HIV to this day and I've never had sex. ... (3 replies)

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