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Shaky in morning
Jul 26, 2008
... I had a bad flu last November, and I've never quite recovered. I have lots of muscle pain, tightness in my neck, and pain in my arms. I've been tested for lots of things. ... (3 replies)
Shaky in morning
Jul 26, 2008
... try to stay away from heavy sleeping pills they tend to make you REALLY drowsy in the morning. and exercise definitely helps. or MAKING yourself get up really early can reset your human clock. ... (3 replies)
Shaky in morning
Jul 26, 2008
... in the morning or 3 and I'll start twitching a bit. I'll constantly move my legs and feet and I'll be half asleep for awhile. I tend to wake up earlier too. ... (3 replies)

Shaky in morning
Jul 26, 2008
... Thanks everyone for the responses! I wasn't feeling great when I went to bed last night. Then I couldn't fall asleep. So maybe I got nervous and it all compounded. It's just so unsettling. Do any of you have muscle pain with your anxiety? (3 replies)
... I've noticed my anxiety is always worse in the morning. Some times when I go to bed I feel almost normal.. ... (4 replies)
... it's very strange about the morning anxiety. ... (33 replies)
... Yes. Mine is consistently worse in the morning. I rarely wake up for work without being dizzy and shaky. ... (9 replies)
... like you did...first 25 then 50 then 100. I had side effects at first like dizziness and jittery so my doc gave me xanax to combat that until the zoloft kicked in full after a couple months the doc upped my zoloft to 150mg. ... (7 replies)
... Hi i wasnt good this morning dont know why i got up at 7 proper shaky and thought i was going to pass out. ... (99 replies)
... Recently, I have been getting panic attacks when I wake up in the mornings. My heart starts to race, I get shaky and feel like I have to throw up. I have been stressed out lately because of my job, money problems, etc. ... (3 replies)
... ize with you. I'm not even to 10mg yet, but on day 15 tonight. I am still having a severe time, especially at 5am every single morning, no matter what, wake up in anxiety and sick feeling. It goes away around noon, but it's horrible. If it was me, I wouldn't have gone from 10 to 20, I would have done incriments. ... (1 replies)
... I know how you feel. My heart beats so fast that it makes me feel faint. One morning over the summer while showering, I had to yell for my husband to come into the bathroom because I really felt like I was going to pass out. ... (9 replies)
... do you physically feel worse in the mornings? ... (33 replies)
... felt like I couldn't get awake that I couldn't think straight, all of the sudden the shaking started and here comes an anxiety attack out of the blue I am still shaky but feel some better, I wonder where it comes from sometime, good luck it gets better or at least you learn to deal with it. ... (11 replies)
... yeah, before I was taking it once in the AM and once in the PM, now it's just the PM. It's been about a week and a half since I haven't taken it in the morning. So you think it's just my body adjusting? ... (4 replies)
... but if you just switched from taking it in the morning to the eve and are still on the same amount it could just be your body adjusting to the time change.. ... (4 replies)
... I have severe pains in the center of my spine with pains shooting up to my head occasionally. ... (2 replies)
... I think i may be stabilizing some on the paxil. I was sure in utter panic this week and you all were so great and really got me through it. ... (18 replies)
... ff. It was brought on by prolonged stress several months ago after some health issues I had. I was also pretty stressed with my job situation. It tends to run in my family, as my mother has battled anxiety too and my sister is slightly OCD. My symptoms have mainly just been physical. ... (1 replies)
... ax, I feel so inadequate at times when I literally start shaking at even the thought of my proffesor calling my name to answer a problem or giving an oral report in front of a class. If there's a drug that can at least somewhat help me, I would be in such relief that I can't even explain it in words. ... (5 replies)

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