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... i'm going to bed, i'm starting to fall asleep and, during the second in which i'm losing consciousness and i'm drifting into sleep, bam, adrenaline jolt, heart racing, rapid breath. Let me add the fact that i'm not having any nightmares, night stresses, "bad" thoughts before going to sleep. ... (12 replies)
... Hello everyone, For many months I have experiencing very terrifying and distressing adrenaline surges/shocks just as I drop off to sleep. They can happen 1 time to many times through one night. It starts in my stomach and explodes out and through my body. My heart races and my system goes into panic/fear. Sometimes I feel nauseous and I often feel very disoriented and... (7 replies)
... the best sleep i get is in the wee hours, which are unfortunately the last few i get before i have to get up which means i get almost no good sleep. ... (12 replies)

... Thanks for all your replies. I reasearched the hypnic jerks and I can say for sure that it has nothing to do with my condition. I tend to think that it is sleep apnoea, except one thing: after a few hours, the adrenaline jolts/wake-ups will end and I tend to (finally) go to sleep. After they have ceased, I (usually) sleep without any other problems, until I wake up... (12 replies)
... I have head zaps from going off meds and I have had the surge when falling off to sleep. My Dr. told me that everyone gets this when falling to sleep but people with high anxiety have a harder time relaxing so when we finally relax our body doesn't get it and surges the adrenaline and we jump. It will go away. ... (7 replies)
... continued on.i went to work and thats when it hit me.praise the lord i only had to go unlock the door to where i worked.i went back home and tried to go back to sleep but that was a lost would hit me and it was like all the adrenaline in my body rushing at once, id get nauseous, lightheaded and hot as well. ... (7 replies)
... I'm not a professional, but I've read alot and can pass on some info here. Serotonin is excitatory rather than inhibitory. I think the fact that people calm down after the intial few weeks is because the brain adapts or builds some defense/tolerance to the overstimulation effects and/or because people continue to take the inhibitory meds with SSri's, such as your Klonopin... (5 replies)
Post-sleep anxiety
Dec 17, 2010
... there are a lot of sleep issues out there, many of them very treatable. ... (3 replies)
Adrenaline surges
Jan 18, 2011
... so I was thinking it might be related. I'm going for a sleep study soon to see if they can get to the bottom of this. ... (2 replies)
... My sleep is whacked as I'm unemployed. ... (0 replies)
... sometimes its like I dreamed having an attack in my sleep but cant say for sure..although its a strong feeling about it. until it wakes me up from a dead sleep I will think possitive thoughts! ... (12 replies)
... though that if its the same thing ive been through this has happened to me many times over years and im fine.Maybe the doctor can give you something to help you sleep could call and explain to him that you are unable to sleep and its effecting your job. ... (12 replies)
Adrenaline surges
Jan 18, 2011
... a Sleep Paralysis event. Your description roughly matches what mine used to be like. But think more closely... ... (2 replies)
... ie there deep breathing but nothing seems to help. I'm so scared I'm going to die in the night because my heart is beating so fast or that I'll never be able to sleep again. I'm so scared. ... (13 replies)
... and walk around a bit, get a glass of milk, drink it slowly then went back to bed turned the tv on and put it just loud enough so that I could maybe drift off to sleep and to have something REAL to listen to.. . ... (12 replies)
... This sounds to me like sleep apnea. When you get into a pattern of not sleeping it can cause the anxiety and panic you are experiencing. ... (12 replies)
... it's weird though how the effexor made those hot flashes i had go away, they were like adrenaline surges of stress. Since zoloft is also prescribed for OCD hopefully it will do the same. I'm not going back on effexor again though. ... (12 replies)
... True, the last 3 years have been the most stressful of my life, I lost both my parents, I moved to a completely foreign country, changed life, changed career, everything. I'm certain that I'm still under a great deal of stress. A psychiatrist told me the same thing, that it might be only the mind reacting to stress. He prescribed me Esprital (Mirtazapine, also known in US as... (12 replies)
... Could be hypnic or hypnagogic jerks and the rapid heartrate ect.. comes from the scare they can give you,I may be misunderstanding you when you stated "jolt" but I'm speaking of a entire body jerk at the onset of sleep.That's my only guess? Do some research on it. (12 replies)
Disrupted sleep
Sep 5, 2005
... f stress and alert. You'd be scared even to fall asleep... not necessarily a panic attack though or a hallucination.. it's like when I was about to drift off to sleep something inside my mind would be scared of that transition and shock me back awake and I get more surges of adrenaline... this would go on all night. ... (4 replies)

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