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... It feels like a mild chemical is on the right side of my face off and on, not consistent. Having anxiety with regular headaches, I am having this symptom along with headaches, which is making me more anxious that something serious might be wrong. ... (9 replies)
... I posted this is the hand & arm board but I think it belongs here... For the past month or two my fingers having been twitching. Mostly the left is affected but the right does it, too. Not when they're at rest although sometimes they'll randomly jolt once or twice, and I get tingly sensation. It often goes all the way up my arms as well. It's the same feeling I would get... (1 replies)
... spine MRI's and several cardiac tests. Everything turned out fine and they told me my symptoms had to be anxiety related. ... (9 replies)

... I hear what all of you were saying.....I have this great book about anxiety that I on occasion read. ... (9 replies)
... These are total effects from anxiety. Try not to pay attention to them and accept, don't fight it back and then go on to something else, distract yourself so anxiety doesn't get worse. You won't die from it, it just will cause more adrenaline on top of adrenaline effect. ... (9 replies)
... the truth. I think I am going crazy half the time compared to trying to let it go and feeling good. But every time I get a feeling like that or many of the other anxiety feelings, I freak out and dwell on it. Any one have any good ideas of how to just learn to let that go!? ... (9 replies)
... I've experienced symptoms like yours, and it could be anxiety related, but you should also let your doctor know what your feeling to make sure your general physical health is in check. what do you think? ... (1 replies)
... was something seriously wrong with me. Anytime you want to talk, vent out or something I always read this board, and we can try and help each other through these anxiety probs! ... (9 replies)
... Hi What do you mean by get weak in the face? Because I think I suffer from anxiety : Right side of face sometimes feels tingly and it feels like my right side of my face is weak - like I am about to have a stroke sort of feeling, even though nothing bad has happened because it soon passes when my family talk to me, I seem to be able to calm down and the symptoms go away.... (9 replies)
... it like all other new symptoms must be dealt with head on, and remember to remind yourself that it is simply a response of anxiety and will not harm you. ... (9 replies)
... py to have found SOMEONE who could and would help me with it! It don't hurt to try a chiropractor and it's best to try and get treated BEFORE you do develop more anxiety issues. ... (7 replies)
... I have been recently diagnosed with GAD. Started when I was unable to sleep for several days. Tingling started to radiate throughout my whole body like pins and needles. A few weeks later the anxiety attacks started. ... (0 replies)
... I experienced anxiety this fall after my father died. ... (5 replies)
... Yes. Tingling was huge symptom for me. Other symptoms for me were racing thoughts, breaking out in a cold sweat, shaking, insomnia, racing heart, etc. Tingling is very normal and the anxiety is causing the tingling. Just remember that the tingling will not hurt you. It is part of the anxiety. ... (12 replies)
... g absolutely nowhere. I could barely stay at work. I noticed slowly my back spasm's started getting worse and effecting me more. I dealt with it but it raised my anxiety quite a bit. Every night I had vivid dreams about the world ending up to this point. ... (2 replies)
... Okay so here is my story. I have always been a worrier and had some anxiety but usually have no problem dealing with it, I would obsess over it for a day or so then go back to normal. ... (3 replies)
... Recently I found out that my cholesterol was very high, and thus was thrown into an anxiety pit because I started to obsess about the fact that I could have a heart attack at any moment from now on. ... (8 replies)
... provoking no matter how you dice it. That's why I think you feel that your OCD and anxiety have so many "faces". It's as if once you've defeated one form of it, it shows up at some later date wearing a different mask. ... (7 replies)
... and we were having a conversation so I didn't even think about the symptoms, so it's like they didn't exist. But, when I got home, back they came. Could this be anxiety related? ... (3 replies)
... ful period. The last year has been really hard, but recently I've been getting new symptoms which are driving me crazy... partly because I don't know if they are anxiety related or not. ... (5 replies)

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