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Tranxene vs xanax
Dec 25, 2006
... tranxene is clorazepate. I took one xanax the other day and it really made me a lot more tired and wiped out than the tranxene. The xanax was o.5 mg and the tranxene was 7.5 mg. ... (6 replies)
Tranxene vs xanax
Dec 22, 2006
... Of course,tranxene is clonazepam and xanax is alprazolam. My xanax rx is only 0. ... (6 replies)
Tranxene vs xanax
Dec 22, 2006
... I have never heard of tranxene, but I take Xanax 2 mg per day alone with no other drugs and it works pretty well. ... (6 replies)

Sep 11, 2004
... t I would like someone to tell me what Klonopin is and also why people are saying there is a reaction between Metropolol and xanax. I take both and am using the xanax for sleeping. I have chronic insomnia and would like to quit using the xanax for sleeping. ... (17 replies)
Dec 3, 2003
... hes and insomnia, very tolerable. If I tried to taper faster these symptoms got worse, that's why it took me so long. My doctor allowed me to take an occassional tranxene to help with the insomnia while I was tapering from Xanax. ... (17 replies)
Dec 2, 2003
... Never heard of that one. Is it similiar to Xanax? My doc. is leery to give me more then .5 MG's, but 2 MG's is what I have been taking for the past 5 months. It has gotten past that point. I went to a psychiatrist who refused to prescribe any benzos... really good idea... has she ever heard of the withdrawal effects. At a crossroads as to what to do... Should I see... (17 replies)
Tranxene vs xanax
Dec 22, 2006
... r me while i was using it. valium makes me vomit and ativan depresses me and makes me cry. I use klonopin now with great results. about the same as the tranzene. xanax does nothing for me. good luck. ... (6 replies)
Dec 1, 2003
... Maybe if you switched to a slower benzo you'd avoid the withdrawals between doses. Tranxene is a good compromise between Xanax and Klonopin. ... (17 replies)
... I will say that Xanax was a good medication, but like I said, that one side effect was just too much. ... (6 replies)
... Xanax, Rivotril and Tranxene are benzos. I cannot give an opinion about other benzos because I never tried them. ... (6 replies)
Zypexa for anxiety
Jan 27, 2005
... Hey. I am on Tranxene 7. ... (5 replies)
... most of it is irrational thought processes. You sound like a intelligent guy, so I suggest you get back to school ASAP. Perhaps you could try a smaller dose of Xanax or ask the doctor if there's anything less sedating that you could try. ... (2 replies)
Tranxene vs xanax
Dec 23, 2006
... ok tom i am confused. i take klonopin and the bottle says "clonazapam generic for klonopin: your saying that tranzene is clonazapam. are they the same drug. it makes me wonder because as i said i took tranzene years ago and that and klonopin are the only 2 benzos i hav not had side effects to and they work for me.:confused: timber ---took one valium in my life and 3... (6 replies)
Tranxene vs xanax
Dec 22, 2006
... That's funny that valium makes you throw up. Ativan makes me throw up. I'd never heard of anyone else throwing up after taking a benzo. (6 replies)
Tranxene vs xanax
Dec 22, 2006
... Does anyone have experience with these two meds? Have they worked about the same for you? What about side effects and getting hooked? I used Valium years ago and it was tough to wean myself. I'm afraid of the SSRI's because of sexual side effects. I tried buspar and zoloft in the past and thought they were horrible. Comments? Thanks, Tom (6 replies)
... I have been on effexor XR for a lil over 2 mo. I think it doesn't do anything except raise my blood pressure. I am seeing my psychiatrist later today and asking to be switched to cymbalta. I run a mental health chatroom on msn and alot of my members are on cymbalata with good results. As far as anxiety goes...don't beleive any doctor who tries to tell you something like paxil... (46 replies)
Jun 5, 2003
... Not anymore, but I was on Wellbutrin for depression and I was given Xanax for anxiety. ... (10 replies)
Quick relief plz!
May 28, 2003
... There's Tranxene, which is not as addictive as Xanax but not as targeted. ... (1 replies)

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