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... So I guess I'm trying to say that from what little I read in your post, I'd suggest trying a session with a counselor. Anxiety can be helped with medication, but the real goal is to just get your mind working right again without meds. ... (7 replies)
... If you can find and read a thread in this forum called "Heavy Head,,,,,Lightheaded", I asked the same thing. The thread is about 2 weeks back. I got the following very helpful answer from Boxerlover: (4 replies)
... rs with top of the line insurance in America. SO PLEASE refrain from saying its basic stuff no offense the only basic analogy i could throw out at this point its anxiety and panic attack disorder no matter how irritating and discombobulating it is and all the above. ... (4 replies)

... I'm only an expert at my own anxiety and I haven't kicked it yet, so for what it's worth... ... (7 replies)
... g, spasms, sweating, hot flashes, tingling. All of these occured when the stuff about swine flu was coming out and I was getting really anxious! I put it down to anxiety but I thought it could be MS. ... (7 replies)
... Gabriel, I have been feeling the same way lately and the feeling in my head is actually causing some serious anxiety issues as well. It always starts when allergy season hits, and I know it's from my allergies, but I still get paranoid so it puts me into an anxiety attack. ... (10 replies)
... It's a horriable disorder and very life altering.. That's my Anxiety and Panic Disorder in a nut shell.. ... (3 replies)
Help please
Sep 27, 2006
... lps as far as panic attacks...but not the unsteadiness. I am also in the process of finding out if something else is causing that. I honestly don't feel its my anxiety causing it....but I definately know it causes me anxiety. ... (12 replies)
... lightheadedness on a daily basis. And when my anxiety is bad, so are these symptoms! ... (8 replies)
... her people experiencing the same symptoms that I am going through. I am a 28 year old male. I have been suffering from panic attacks and symptoms associated with anxiety for 5 years. I also had most tests performed, and all came back negative. I suffer from hypertension and are currently on meds for that. ... (33 replies)
Help please
Sep 27, 2006
... that...either my neck or migraines. I could be wrong, though. It may be all anxiety. I just want to make sure I exhaust all avenues before I can agree to the anxiety diagnosis. I do suffer from horrible anxiety, though, and I deal with that the best I can. ... (12 replies)
Help please
Sep 26, 2006
... As for the anxiety itself, I wish I knew what would make it go away. I am having a really bad week of it right now myself. I've tried therapy and it didn't work for me. ... (12 replies)
... So I am on day 6 of Celexa (Citolapram)... it took me a long time to actually take the first pill because I was so afraid of the things I've read on these boards... I started out with a baby dose of 2.5 for the first 3 days, and now I have done 5mg for the last 3 days... haven't felt much... good or bad... a little tired and woozy but that could be my anxiety! I started... (1 replies)
... Holy cow. Thank you SO much. I also wonder how many people with anxiety disorders actually have this. As well as tachicardic conditions. ANDDD I bet it also effects the vagel nerve. This is all coming together.... thanks again!!! ... (7 replies)
... y boxerlover! Great post! I hope that someday I can get to where you are and believe that my "dizziness" is caused by my anxiety. I'm not quite there yet. My unsteadiness started before the anxiety, so who knows? ... (34 replies)
Help please
Sep 28, 2006
... anxiety meds help me to not worry about it, but it doesn't take the unsteadiness away. ... (12 replies)
Help please
Sep 26, 2006
... but this anxiety is making me not want to live anymore. ... (12 replies)
... Hi...does any one else have that constant feeling of dizziness or unsteadiness, like you going to fall but you never really do. Is this anxiety related? ... (5 replies)
... Thanks for all the advice guys! I'm trying my best to not think about it and keep myself occupied! I'm now getting like a numb feeling in my right hand! Will think about seeing someone in the new year if symptoms don't approve. (7 replies)
... Yes, absolutely, I get all of those symptoms. Dizziness, heart racing, feeling hot, sweats, shaking, off balance, kind of like a light-headed feeling. I'm taking 75 mg of Effexor now and my symptoms have improved. (7 replies)

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