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... just asking cuz if you are they may not be working for you or it hasn't had enough time to start far as chest pressure if you are typically a healthy person I wouldn't fear much...but if you are that concerned about it make an appt. with your doc... ... (3 replies)
... My cousin was 12 or so and started complaining about sharps pains in his chest and upper abdominal area. After a couple of hours the pain got worse and my aunt and uncle decided to take him to the ER. ... (5 replies)
... I was wondering if anyone ever feels that they have a pressure feeling in their chest. It is hard to explain....Sometimes when I walk around I feel like something is pushing on my chest right above the breast area. ... (3 replies)

... thanks for the info (10 replies)
... That feeling you are describing is a classic anxiety symptom. Gas is probably one of the worst foes for people who suffer from anxiety and panic. ... (10 replies)
Heart anxiety
Aug 1, 2006
... I'm a 56 yo male and have dealt with health anxiety for all my adult life, in spurts. The current one is heart and chest pain. ... (10 replies)
... I recently suffered from a panic attack, my first one, and have since been experiencing little pains in my chest area and other places at times. Nothing constant and nothing intense, the pains usually only last for a second or less.. ... (13 replies)
... I get the same feeling in my chest that your describing. To me it's like a panicky sensation in my chest.I've had it on and off for years and it makes me feel really anxious. ... (4 replies)
... tack and dismiss it but it's almost become a game to see who wins! Sounds crazy I know but that's how it is. Today, I notice I'm taking shallow breaths from my upper chest......and just an upper body tenseness. ... (15 replies)
... waking up gasping and terrified, racing heart, feeling like I am going to black out and not wake up again. ... (4 replies)
Heart pounding
Sep 10, 2003
... I am constantly feeling my heartbeat. Sometimes it's slow, but pounding other times it is rapid and pounding, but it's always there, constantly. ... (8 replies)
... I've stopped feeling my heartbeat all over and stopped thinking about my heart. I haven't had that horrible jittery feeling in my upper chest. I've been clear of a lot of the usual concerns. ... (2 replies)
... Mine vary but the usual is a sickening scared to death feeling followed by my heart pounding, chest pain, pain in my upper back, feeling disconnected and in a fog, kinda like being outside of myself, sweating, knot in stomach, skipping heartbeats, dizziness, my hands will get ice cold and yet I have radiating heat going trough my body, racing thoughts of death and wanting to... (3 replies)
... i know exactly how you feel, i can sympathize with every fear and disturbing feeling you mentioned. ... (4 replies)
... After learning about something terrible in my family, i was driving home and got a knot feeling in my upper chest, followed by tingly heavy arm ..felt like I could barely lift it. Of course I panicked and barely made it home. ... (5 replies)
... I have been having what I guess is indigestion and heart burn alot lately I have burning in my chest left or right sides and sometimes the middle. ... (15 replies)
Jun 10, 2004
... They're called sensitizations. Your body is trying to fool you into having another panic/anxiety attack. I've read up on this so much. I get anxious to during the day, just sometimes would like to jump out of my skin, but I try to stay busy and not think of it or deep breathe while it's happening. Because I let panic get the best of me by not knowing what it was, it really... (20 replies)
Jun 10, 2004
... Thanks for asking. I've been feeling much better. Although about twice a day I get nervous and anxoius. I can feel my heart beat and it feels like I'm always exhaling, kinda tight. ... (20 replies)
... lly out of the blue. I usually have to try and pace my breaths, and try to yawn, which fixes it. Whilst I am struggling to take a deep breath, I get a weak dizzy feeling inside my head. ... (1 replies)
... I had a great time with my dad, and I have been feeling very happy in the past few days with him, and without having to worry about school! ... (5 replies)

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