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... steve man you sound like me explaining to everyone what i am going thru... i have realized that just about 90% of those that have gerd experience some sort of panic/anxiety symptoms.. this is because you get the weirdest pains out of nowhere that dont make sense which triggers your mind into getting scared and thinking the absolute worst... i have been dealing with... (4 replies)
... ing, such as laying in bed trying to get to sleep, concentrate on the rise and fall of your lower abdomen. People who are anxious tend to breath only with their upper chest. You should be breathing in and feeling your lower abdomen rise. ... (5 replies)
... I have major chest and stomach discomfort like you all have been describing and I can never tell if it's anxiety, or something else like GERD or post nasal drip. ... (15 replies)

... stress symptom. I have been involuntarily tightening my stomach muscles everytime I get anxious. It's a horrible feeling which causes pain in my diapham and probably hyperventilation because the tightness causes my breathing to shift to chest breathing instead of stomach. ... (15 replies)
... Okay, now I am having this weird feeling in the back of my throat that makes me feel like I am going to gag or something. It makes me scared, I have had it since last night. ... (5 replies)
... I get this funny sensation in my upper chest. I cannot explain the feeling I get. ... (5 replies)
... ng for the past 2 days. it really scares me when i'm driving to work. My vision was blurred too. I went to the doc about 6 mons ago because i was having sharp upper chest pains. everything checked out ok. She said it must be stress. I just didnt do anyblood work. ... (16 replies)
Aug 18, 2004
... Could anyone tell me what this is. I sometimes get this strange feeling in lower throat, upper chest area. Feels like somthing is vibrating or moving there. It lasts for only a second or two. ... (4 replies)
... the hospital for an ecg,echocardiogram,blood tests for diabetes and over active thyroid gland,which all came back clear,but if they are all clear,why am i still feeling this weird sensation? ... (5 replies)
... About a month after moving, I paid a visit to the emergency room because I was experiencing chest pains. At the time, I was afraid I had some mystery heart condition. ... (5 replies)
... was praying for a miracle to save me or god as i was running every red light going 90 miles per hour towards a hospital getting tunnel vision and seeing floaters feeling like i was going to pass out. so i park my car in the road stumble towards the registration counter at the ER and told them i was having a heart attack. ... (4 replies)
... I have extreme restless feeling in my lower to mid back area when i sit down for a period of time. ... (2 replies)
Breaking Point
Dec 16, 2012
... g those I loved, because I experienced many deaths at a young age. In my 20's, it became inwardly focused. My first real episode was when I pulled a muscle in my chest at work and thought it was my heart. ... (0 replies)
HVS and anxiety
Mar 12, 2003
... It doesn't happen all the time, and it doesn't hurt, but it still scares me. It feels like something has spasmed, or moved, hard to explain, and the degree of feeling varies too. My usual reaction is to cough, don't know why. ... (8 replies)
... lately it has favored either the middle center of my chest or the upper middle part of my chest. Sometimes it moves to the left or right side. ... (55 replies)
... im having chest pain in he middle of my chest.. and on the left side of my chest to.. ... (14 replies)
... In the meantime, I have been feeling fairly decent. I haven't felt the need to take any Ativan for nearly 4 months. . . ... (2 replies)
Bad health anxiety
Jul 15, 2010
... and happens while we are at the beach. Since then I've experienced a feeling like I can't breathe right, yawning a lot, constantly taking deep breaths, fleeting chest pains, sore muscles in my upper back and chest, tingling in hands, hot feeling in my face, nausea, no appetite, strange full feeling in my stomach... ... (5 replies)
... The beginning March 3rd, woke up with a huge weight like feeling on my chest.The prior week I had one of my friends and employee at the sametime die at work from a heart attack. ... (0 replies)
... so i have been to the ER 7 times in 9 months, they have done numerous ecg's and numerous bloodwork inc 3 full blood counts, thyroid etc... i have had 2 ct chest scans and a chest x ray, lung scan, bone scan, because i have a constant ache in my chest and am currently on losec for that but i dont agree i have reflux. ... (5 replies)

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