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... recently, i have started having chest pains. what does your chest pain feel like? ... (3 replies)
... I can so relate to all of these posts. I have had attacks for the past 10 years and they have mostly stayed the same. (oh, and I've been on almost every AD you can think of on and off). It's starts out with a 'dropping', heavy feeling in my chest - very strange, then it's heart palps, the strongest heartbeat imaginable, feeling like I've just got to get out of where I am,... (55 replies)
... well ill start by saying i dont think mine is all anxiety based and im trying to get testing done to end this hell lightheaded all day heart rate goes really high and slows down really low chest pains twitches all over body upset stomach body pains headaches tired (55 replies)

... yeah i think all mine is anxiety related also that's how mine feels also (3 replies)
... Mine feels like constant achey pain in my left side .. Then sometimes I get these very sharp painful stikes that last a few seconds. ... (3 replies)
... tell doc about it, muscle tension can cause chest pains, try a long soak in a hot bath heartburn, a type of indigestion is also a possible cause anxiety sufferers should let go of all excess muscle tension, dont stay tensed up in order to fight back against any sudden anxiety (3 replies)
... I get pains in my chest right under my left breast, up into my collarbone, down my arm, and into my shoulder. ... (14 replies)
... to no avail . how its this normal when i feel so bad ,might be normal for dr.buthani but not for me. ... (5 replies)
... I was having them about a month ago and they finally subsided for like 2 weeks. Well there back again. Some are really short sharpish on the left side and in the center then other times I feel like a ache in the same spots. ... (7 replies)
... i am having same kind of thing... i usually get scared..of almost everything.. i get this weird pain around chest and heart... my body parts even go numb and i feel like fainting or being in unreal world.. something very weird... ... (2 replies)
... sharp pains across my chest and middle of back off and on..seems like it depends on if I'm sitting here at the desk or up walking around.. ... (8 replies)
... I am just wondering when you have anxiety or panic what does your chest pains feel like? ... (2 replies)
... for the past 3 weeks i have had stomach pains, and a dull ache in the center of my chest also with fatigue....ive had 1 bad panic attack in the last 4 years but im always worrying about something...ive seen my dr. ... (7 replies)
... self that its anxiety when I have panic attacks, I wouldn't have them either. I have dealt with panic attacks for over 10 years and have had 2 relapses. I know what its like to be so anxious that everything, and I mean EVERYTHING can mean something must be wrong. ... (4 replies)
... it sucks,I got more anxiety,nausea and chest pains with it.had to stop taking it. ... (23 replies)
... sharp, dull, vague, uncomfortable, achey, centered chest tightness. I feel it around below sternum as well. ... (43 replies)
... ood health but last April I was going to watch Sucker Punch in IMAX, I was looking forward to it for months and I finally get there and all the sudden I start to feel tingly and "On Edge" and I felt that way for the rest of the night. ... (1 replies)
Neck pains?
Jul 17, 2012
... Anyone with anxiety have off and on neck pains that feel sharpe? ... (1 replies)
... pressure in my chest and I am just sitting in a chair or standing up and I get random pains that are so difficult to describe. For a moment it feels like my heart was slightly being squeezed. ... (4 replies)
... My doctor says the only option is to sedate me but i feel like there is something going on. ... (2 replies)

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