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... Anxiety is not fun! I have been taking valium for years which has been helping. Usually I take it at bedtime. Now I find my anxiety has gotten worse and I have tried 2.5 mgs of Xanax at bedtime instead of the 5 mg valium. I think I sleep better. ... (1 replies)
... A while back I took .25 mg of generic klonopin in the morning and .5 mg at bedtime. It REALLY helped me during a bad time. ... (2 replies)
... I have never taken xanax but I would like to share my story with you. My mother who suffered from depression was put on xanax to help her cope with a family member's death. The doctor that prescribed it never took her off of it and kept uping the dose. ... (18 replies)

... My hubby was put on Xanax XR yesterday by his psych, his is 1mg. Right now he's zonked out on the couch and can't seem to wake up. ... (3 replies)
... I have nothing bad at all to say about Xanax, it's the one and only thing that ever helped me. ... (18 replies)
... And anyways, if the doctor gave Xanax for depression, I would question the doctors knowledge of benzodiazepines. ... (18 replies)
... the next time. I have been on and off Xanax since the 5th of the month. I just got my period and had really bad PMS and my anxiety was pretty bad. I'm better today and won't take it tonight but.... ... (18 replies)
... Xanax isn't "dangerous". It just needs to be used carefully, unless your DR. says otherwise. And using it every night might cause problems. That said, it is a very useful medication. I get headaches from it and valium. Read the other threads on xanax, it will help. (18 replies)
... I have been taking xanax for about 5 months now. I only take it when I feel really anxious or overwhelmed. I'm not sure. ... (18 replies)
... I just started taking 100mg of Genseng and 600mg of Royal Jelly today. I also take 0.5mg of Xanax at bedtime, do they interfere? ... (1 replies)
... Hi and yes xanax can be very addictive, what i do is take it when needed, but if ou take it for 2 or 3 weeks in a row an try to stop it you can have withdrawal symptoms, soemtimes i tke it for 3 or 4 days and then stop taking them for a week or so, anyway soem people i know take it and are addicted to it but since it helps there anxiety they dont mind (18 replies)
... Again, I always say this... most psych doctors will not taper their patients off of Xanax if their dosage is 3mg or less. ... (18 replies)
... perfect, they are human, and humans make mistakes, that's why doctor's insurance rates are sky high. Better to be informed than addicted. My mother started out at a low dose too. ... (18 replies)
... I also have been taking it when i need it, it does work if you take it on an empty stomach it hits me real hard and you get drowsy but when i take it at night i feel great and makes me eel so happy! its hard not gettig adicted to them. ... (18 replies)
... Thanks everyone for your stories. :wave: I know now that I have to be really careful with this drug. I intend on using it only at night when my anxiety is really bad, and I use only 1/2 (.25mg) which is hardly felt but yet it is (it takes the edge off basically and I feel calmer but not stoned). I was having bad PMS and was using it every other day for 2 weeks - this... (18 replies)
... of 0.5mg also at bedtime for anxiety. I could not sleep more then about 2 hours a night if that. That was in March 04. ... (2 replies)
... I'm on Xanax XR . ... (1 replies)
... re of "Valerian root, Passion Flower, Hops and Chamomille" I would take one or two during the day to try and help the anxiety and depression and a couple with my Xanax at bedtime, then another an hour later when I'd wake up, etc., etc. etc.! ... (16 replies)
... A lot of Drs. won't prescribe Xanax. I saw a woman Dr. who told me to stop taking Xanax and take Ativan instead. Ativan is just as addictive as Xanax!! Anyway, Xanax works well for me at only 0.25 mgs. ... (5 replies)
... Take the Xanax and call the doctor asap. The Xanax will help I am sure, but you need to also relax and breath. The .5 mg of Klonopin is like taking .5 mg of Xanax and spreading it over 24 hours, so it is really a very low dose of Klonopin. Your doctor precribed 1.5 mg of Xanax. ... (10 replies)

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