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... I have suffered with anxiety for about 10 years and prior to seeking help I managed my anxiety symptoms by self medicated with alcohol. ... (0 replies)
Must get sleep
Oct 30, 2006
... I didnt tell the doctor until I had stopped taking the xanax and only a week after taking the last xanax did I tell him. ... (14 replies)
... Then Xanax came along. Yeah, I know another addicting benzodiazepene. ... (10 replies)

... I'm glad you're doing better! Klonopin definitely will stay in your system at a more steady state so you won't have the ups and downs some people do with Xanax. Xanax is a great rescue med, and also great for people who have occasional attacks, or when someone is getting better. ... (8 replies)
Oct 4, 2005
... My doctor prescribes 2 mg Xanax for me to help me sleep. 9 out of 10 nights it works well. That's the only thing I'm on. ... (3 replies)
... A psychiatrist I chat with says hes had patients on benzos for over 20 years! ... (18 replies)
Xanax xr
Feb 23, 2005
... I have been on xanax for 10 years. I have an anxiety disorder and migraines. ... (30 replies)
... I have been taking .25 mg. xanax for 2 months to sleep, but I want to stop. How do I do that? ... (0 replies)
... And anyways, if the doctor gave Xanax for depression, I would question the doctors knowledge of benzodiazepines. ... (18 replies)
... So, thinking I was 'ready' for the full dose given by the doctor, I went to the 10 mg. He wanted me to do that to start with, but the side effects wouldn't let me. ... (3 replies)
... They taste horrible, but they get to your brain faster. I used to swallow them but the dosage was going up and I didn't want to eat more, so I started putting them under the tongue. ... (5 replies)
Night Anxiety
Oct 28, 2009
... my nephew committed suicide. I have been on xanax over the last year and a half, at times taking more than my recommended dosage. ... (1 replies)
... First, you need to realize that everyone's body adjusts to meds. in a different way. A .5 dose of Xanax can usually help me for about 5 hours, depending on what I'm doing. I take Xanax 4 times a day. .5 in morning, .5 around noon, .5 around 5 PM, and 1 mg. before bed. ... (7 replies)
... First of all, your paxil did not stop working for you becuase it is not a take as needed drug but a daily dosage, not a couple times a week. ... (7 replies)
... Well, I did and weaning off that garbage was the best thing I ever did. And to think, it all started as a domino effect of medications.....codiene for a cold lead to reaction which lead to benzo prescriptions and even a short stint on an AD. ... (19 replies)
Feb 21, 2004
... All of those conditions can happen to anyone who abuses most any medicaiton. You are not abusing anything and in fact are only taking the equivilant of 0.5mg of xanax in 24 hours which is very low dosage. This amount is no stronger then a mild tranquilizer. As far as the Buspar, I tried it, I think it is crap. ... (6 replies)
Must get sleep
Oct 30, 2006
... onth 4 I contracted a bacterial ear infection that had half of my face all swollen out and the most intense pain I've ever experienced, so the doctor doubled the dosage of the Norco until the infection subsided which took almost 4 weeks. ... (14 replies)
... mean, but I experience tachachardia. I was diagnosed with that during the birth of my 2nd child 5 yrs ago. I had complained prior to my doctor and wore a monitor for 3 days and also had a heart ultrasound. These both came back normal so they blew me off. ... (18 replies)
... ittery, irritated and on edge most of the time. Anxiety and depression runs in my family. I talked to my doctor about this and was put on Lexapro and was given Xanax to help me calm down. The starting dosage on the Xanax was .25 mg twice a day, as needed. ... (6 replies)
... ml sterile injectable solution for intravenous administration. Capsules of Propranolol for prolonged action, come as 60mg, 80mg, 90mg, 120mg, 160mg. Dosage must be determined by a physician. ... (11 replies)

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