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... You're going to read more horror stories about any it a benzo or an AD...than you are success stories.. ... (3 replies)
... Well I have been taking xanax for about 5 years. 0.5 mg once or twice daily. It has helped tremendously with my anxiety, sleep, in general. ... (5 replies)
... I take the generic Xanax as well when I need it and am at my worst. ... (5 replies)

... For me, Xanax has been a godsend and I don't think it's anything you should feel bad about. ... (5 replies)
... I have been on .5 mg of xanax for about 5 years as well. The prescription says to take twice a day, but I have never followed that. ... (5 replies)
... r two. This medication saved me, my marriage, my career. I couldn't tolerate any antidepressants. Just wanted to post to see if others have also had long term success with these type of need to increase dosage ever. My md feels I found the perfect medication but I'm so tired of seeing horror stories. ... (3 replies)
... I think I'm going to start a separate thread about Klonopin success stories.... ... (5 replies)
... I have done lots of research and the withdrawl from Xanax is comparable to all of the SSRI's that many people take for anxiety dissorder. ... (11 replies)
... What everyone should remember're going to read more horror stories about any it a benzo or an AD...than you are success stories.. ... (7 replies)
... You're going to read more horror stories about any it a benzo or an AD...than you are success stories.. ... (5 replies)
Xanax for Anxiety
Jul 25, 2008
... I've taken both Lexapro and Xanax with great success and no side effects. ... (2 replies)
... I am going to the doctor tomorrow and am thinking of asking for this.I no longer have the full blown axiety attacks,but have constant anxiety symptoms.I frequently get this feeling where my breath is sucked out of me.I have chest pains,have a terrible time relaxing,etc.I am wondering if anyone has tried this with success?Does it make you constantly groggy?I have tried almost... (0 replies)
... It's frikin true. I recommend you pick up a book by her for sure. You want to be a success please keep in mind that some think drugs are the way which is a joke but they help and anyone can take them and they work on some and not on other's. ... (2 replies)
... I won't bore you all with my anxiety story but one thing I would desperately like to hear are your success stories with xanax and flying? ... (4 replies)
... ily and I am not going to allow this disease to destroy my time with my family. I went to a specialist here in the San Antonio area and he prescribed me Xanax. Xanax immediately dropped my anxiety levels and I have tried every other drug out there and damn near died from side effects. ... (3 replies)
... I need some advice from people who have had success with antidepressants. I have been taking Xanax on an as needed basis for about two years. My doctor also put me on Zoloft for a while, didn't work, and I have also been on lorazepam and klonopin. ... (3 replies)
... Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone has had real honest success with your anxiety/depression/PTSD with an SSRI, and continued to feel well after you discontinued the drug? Earlier last year I was (mis)diagnosed with panic disorder and put on zoloft..after about 6 weeks I noticed a real change for the better in the way I was feeling, however I had done lots of... (7 replies)
... pro. Went on it for a couple months and could not get past the side effects...vomiting,dizziness, when I started Lexapro, my doc recommended xanax to "put out" the fire...Right from Lexapro I went to Zoloft...Which I am on now. 100mg. ... (7 replies)
... I have taken Xanax on and off for 11 years now, as needed mainly, but sometimes everyday and often. ... (20 replies)
... :) I understand what you are may be right. But, as an honor student in college, I research everything that is of importance to me. I'm going in to the doctorís office with an agenda on paper (that he will be going over with me). As the paying customer, I'm going to run the show :D ...but at the same time, not coming across as if I am questioning his knowledge and... (11 replies)

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