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Here is my story of my six month descent into hell and would appreciate your thoughts and comments. I知 still reeling and trying to come to grips with everything. It痴 a bit convoluted for which I apologize for. I知 usually better at technical things then I am at concisely composing my thoughts. If I知 blessed to get replies I will add more.
I知 52 years old (just turned) and have been a runner my whole adult life, mostly casual but sometimes stepping it up like last fall to train for my first and now I知 certain only half marathon late last October. While training I noticed some pain and stiffness mostly along the right inner thigh. I continued to train, ran the marathon (even broke two hours). After race continued to run but pain got continually worse until by early December I was obviously limping with my whole right upper leg side stiff and sore and I had obviously compromised the Psoas as it was very sore, tight and poor side to side stability. I stopped running, thinking a few weeks rest might be good anyhow and hopefully it would heal. Boy was I wrong. It did heal but slowly and only to a certain extent. The side to side stability improved, I could walk again without limping and I could stretch again without sharp pain. However other symptoms remained and still do to this day. I can have pain anywhere from my lower side of my back, wrapping around my hip and extending down the groin and side of my leg. On good days the pain just kind of 菟ings at any given spot and maybe a spasm or two. Sometimes when I move just right, I can get a spasm from my buttocks area down to the inner thigh, essentially following the Psoas. On bad days, there is a severe burn/ache originating from groin/lower pelvic area and spreading to the top part of my thighs. This is what makes me reach for the ibuprofen which generally just takes the edge off. I tried physical therapy but not sure if helped or hurt. The leg definitely became stronger but may make the groin pain come easier. I can do all the exercises generally without too much effort but then several hours later I can then be susceptible to the groin pain. This is what makes diagnosing what activities cause discomfort to be tough as I don稚 usually get severe symptoms while exercising.
I finally saw an orthopedic surgeon the middle of April. X-rays and MRI reveal a 菟ossible labrum tear but also early onset arthritis in the lower part of the hip. He thinks there is at least possibility arthritis might be causing the pain. About a month ago, I got a cortisone shot. It certainly didn稚 relieve the symptoms but maybe has taken the edge off.
Part 2 of story. Unfortunately around March, left side started experiencing the same symptoms. This time I can稚 blame it on overtraining as I haven稚 been doing much besides PT at least in any consistency. In just two months, groin pain is now worse in left than right. It can keep me awake at night whereas right side usually 都ettled down when I lied down. See Dr. again and just last week and this time left side is x-rayed. Again sees signs of early onset arthritis but is a bit puzzled it is causing so much pain. Whatever is wrong is clearly affecting the muscles on both sides. Psoas group can become sore to the touch and even other muscles (hip abductor) get sore. He manipulated my leg and could not cause pain so doesn稚 think it痴 a labrum issue. Because the muscles get so sore, he wonders if it痴 possibly a form of tendonitis and I知 scheduled for another round of PT but I知 doubtful as again I get that deep groin pain. I do know that whatever is wrong with the right side is wrong with the left as the symptoms are exactly the same.
So that痴 where I stand now. Any thoughts, suggestions, opinions are greatly appreciated. Is it possible arthritis could bring me down so quickly? Until last fall I never had any hip issues at all and now I知 in pain every day to some level either one side or the other, sometimes both although it always seem to favor one side at a time when it comes to more severe pain. There are times I feel not too horrible and can step on the level a little bit but it seems like whenever I do, I pay the price later. I am on my feet quite a bit at work and usually log 10K steps every day. That doesn稚 help things.

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