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I'm new here and I would like to get any advice or feedback from people who may have insight on arthritis.

Im a 33 year old pretty active healthy mother of two. About five years ago I started getting numb hands, neck pain and lower back pain after my son was born. I ended up with an epidural neck injection and pain meds and eventually started taking mobic a strong NSAID and about six months of all this it all disappeared suddenly. Stopped all medications eventually.

Well, I've been pain free up until three months ago. I started getting numb hands again while laying down using my phone at night. I'd shake them out and be ok. Well then my lower back started bothering me after a workout and my right foot had some numbness. EMG and lumbar MRI revealed herniated discs and pretty bad arthritis in the facet joints causing formal narrowing thus explaining my sciatic pain and numbness. I received and epidural injection and lower back symptoms gone!

So my hands are getting worse though. Now swelling up after both being numb at night and very painful. Doctor ordered EMG which I'm waiting on and put me back on Mobic for now per me asking telling them it helped before.. Doctor thinks I have carpal tunnel as my three right fingers and half ring finger are stuck numb. I've been wearing a splint at night.

I had some blood work done a few months ago and lupus panel came back neg. (my sister has Lupus) which I believe tests for RA. Well my neck and shoulders are starting to tighten and tingle like they did 5 years ago. I haven't had a recent MRI for it but I do have two buldging discs so I guess it could be affecting my hands as I've read.

Why I write all this is my friend commented on a post of mine about carpal tunnel and said there usually isn't severe swelling. So I looked up swollen fingers or sausage fingers as I call them. When I read psoriatic arthritis. I was like oh crap. This is why

Extremely swollen fingers (they go down after 3-4 days of rest and ice then as soon as I do any manual work like painting the walls in our house they swell up like warm sausages and hurt so bad and I'm out for 3-4 more days)
Numbness (three right hand finger tips are always numb)
Nodules (which I'm getting small ones on fingers at joints)
Pain in hands doing anything
Arthritis in lumbar
Arthritis in cervical spine
I'm getting discolored toenails with ridges in them (one big toe nail is arching up a little)
I don't have any now but for the past couple years have been getting these little dime shaped red scaly circular spots on skin here and there for some reason.

I don't know maybe it's just a coincidence that all this stuff is occurring together.

So I'm laying here with a heating pad on my back trying to type with these sausages wondering if anyone has any insight? It's really getting frustrating because I've been unable to do anything the last two days even doing my makeup etc is hurting. I'm a pretty on the go person so this is mentally just wearing me out. The only thing that feels good is putting my hands in a bowl of cold water for 10 min the swelling goes down a little so I guess that's why.

Thanks for reading

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