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Hi all,

27-y/o male diagnosed with chronic idiopathic gout (multiple sites, no visible tophi) and put on strict allopurinol/colcrys regimen with blood testing every 3 weeks, 0.5-1 gal of water a day to avoid kidney stones, and no caffeine or alcohol until uric acid is below 6.0 mg/dL (was as high as 12.0 mg/dL a few months ago, now 9.6 mg/dL since better lifestyle, new job and city, and less stress). For what it's worth, a month after the 12.0 reading and after I quit my job, I was hospitalized with pain from what turned out to be a kidney stone (85% made up of uric acid). Was very fortunate my new rheumatologist had a cancellation this past week (I have been trying to find a new doctor in new city and originally was going to have to wait until late January!).

1) Have people had permanent relief from allopurinol in terms of keeping uric acid levels low?
2) Do I have to stay on colchicine forever with the allopurinol? Seems like it upsets my stomach and I have a bowel movement each time i take it.
3) How long does it take to get from 9.6 mg/dL to 6.0 mg/dL?
4) I am currently ~26.9% body fat. If I get my body fat down to more normal levels (low-mid teens), will that help prevent a resurgence of gout? I feel like that really can't help my body's ability to excrete uric acid!

I just started on allopurinol and I seem to be having fewer instances of joint pain -- thanks for your help -- any advice from my situation would be helpful. Gout doesn't run in my family so I'm pretty sure stress / poor lifestyle is what caused it. I've lost 15 pounds or so since moving cities and jobs and look forward to losing the next 40 and getting my metabolism up to where it should be at age 27!


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