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Iíve had debilitating all over joint pain that seems to only be cured with prednisone. My physician had ordered blood tests to rule out autoimmune arthritis and my results came back ok. My C-Reactive protein was in the standard range but at the upper end 9.7 mg/L. The others were nowhere near the upper limits. My sed rate was 10 mm/hr, my ANA was <40 titer. And CCP antibody was 4.4 unit. Since then, I have been diagnosed with de Quervains tenosynovitis in both hands. However, the hand specialist thought there was an underlying condition and referred me back to my physician while he treats the de Quervainís. It was sudden, cysts appeared in the exact same spot on both wrists, and I had all over joint pain. Basically, I went to bed ok, and woke up unable to get out of bed, turn the door knob, elbows, wrists, fingers, ankles, and knees were a mess for hours. I had and still do have a low grade fever (99.4, 99.7, 99.1). Itís never been high though. Prednisone worked like a charm. Albeit I was an emotional wreck. A few weeks later, I saw a different doctor for a med check, Iím taking anti-depressants, and he said he would order tests for RA, but I had steroid injections and it would skew the result of the tests. My previous ďnormalĒ blood tests were drawn a few days after taking 30 mg/day of Prednisone for a week and 2400 mg/day of ibuprofen. Iím really confused. The first physician knew I had just taken a week of prednisone/ibuprofen when he ordered the blood tests. I was there because the steroids worked but as soon as I was done taking them the pain came back. Will these medications mess with blood test results? If so, how long should I wait to repeat the tests? Should I see a specialist? If so, what kind? Sorry for all the questions. Iím desperate for some relief.

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