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Re: Thumb surgery
Jul 27, 2016
14 days post op. Stitches removed on day 12 and cast applied. The doctor saw me in between and was happy with how things looked, told me the bruising was all normal. I told her I never needed the prescription pain meds, only some Tylenol. She told me I was a tough cookie, but I insist that I just didn't have much pain at first. Then when it did start it has been so intermittent, and extra strength Tylenol seems to be enough.

However, after the cast was put on my pain increased! I don't know if it was the change in thumb position or what. The cast also was very tight in spots. Felt like a tourniquet on my thumb, and also like a band around my wrist. In addition to more pain, especially if I let my arm hang down, when it felt like my thumb was being pulled, I had some tingling and numbness in my thumb and fingers. It improved overnight, but came back within a few hours of being up.

So I went to the hospital where the ER doctor first tried a slit in the cast to relieve pressure. But that did not help the tightness between the thumb and index finger, so he cut the cast off and applied a new one.

Only once he did the molding, squeezing it to fit, it feels tighter than the last one, especially around the base of the thumb (surgery area) and mid Palm. Initially this caused throbbing pain and tingling. I think that the reduced sensation in most of my fingers is backnow, but not my thumb or index finger. He said it might take a few days to improve. No worries unless the numbness increases or there is any sign of lack of circulation as judged by color.

My new complaint now is that the tip of my thumb is swollen and more red. It was not swollen before. I have kept it elevated and there isn't any increase in pain as long as I'm lying down. It was more painful between lying on the couch and going to bed last night, and we'll see what happens when I get up this morning, but I am concerned that the numbness in my thumb did not abate overnight as it did with my first cast, and that the thumb tip is still swollen.

By the way, an old sock with the toes cut off over the fiberglass cast helps to reduce snagging of clothing and helps the plastic cast protector sleeve to slide on more easily.

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