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2 years ago I decided to hand bead a dress. My right thumb became sore, stiff, swollen. I figured it was an overuse injury so I rested it for a few weeks. Things calmed down. However for about 18 months anytime I tried "crafting" beading, crocheting, painting, both thumbs would get very achy and stiff. About 6 months ago the pain was there every night by 6pm. 3 months ago I saw a hand specialist who DX'd me with DeQuarvains and said the 1st treatment should be a cortisone injection. The shot hurt like heck. The next day my wrist to elbow felt like it was on fire. At day 7 I returned to hand dr and asked if he might have hit a nerve. He said my new pain was just the evolution of the DeQuarvains. I no longer could use scissors, wash my hair, put on make-up or drive due to severe pain. after about 6 weeks the pain turned to numbness which was constant from wrist to middle finger, and electric shocks from wrist to elbow. This was all in the right hand/arm that received the injection. Around the same time I began waking up with very stiff hands, both of them. Within a week the stiffness was accompanied by swelling and pain. This lasts from 45min to 2 hours. I can't make a fist, or cup a mug. (drinking coffee thru a staw, because I gotta have my coffee!) Now when I sit for more than an hour my knees ache deeply and I need to get up and move. I went to the movies last week and actually limped out due to pain and stiffness in both knees and my right hip. Also, my right pinky is starting to jut out to the side. Another weird issue I was ignoring for several months: I'll wake up during sleep a few times a months with my neck so stiff I feel like I have to use my hands to turn it. By morning it's fine. Anyone heard of that before? I also had my 1st bout of real depression last winter, and about a 10lb weight loss, and severe fatigue. I'm early 40's female, and a personal trainer. Obviously I'm unable to work, and unable to do pretty much any hobby. Ugh, this sucks.
My primary thinks that even though my labs don't overtly show RA, that is my DX. Unfortunately our only Rheumy is 9 months out, so if I want a speedy answer, and maybe not even then, I will need to fly out of state. My labs are good.
RF- 10 (14+ is positive)
ANA neg
DNA anti- 1 (under 4 negative)
SED- 11
ESR- 13
I guess why I am posting is to ask the experts who live with this daily if this sounds like enough cause to seek a DX out of state. Also, if any of this could be something else that I should look into. Thanks to anyone who reads this, and anyone who replies. Just having this forum to read thru has helped more than all the drs.

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