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Sometimes when you go to the doctor it is best to write out the questions you have before hand. Give him a list of the questions and don't worry about taking up his time. If he brushes you off - say excuse me - I am not a side of beef - in and out of your office - I have real concerns here and would like some answers.

Remember as well - you can always fire a doctor that don't take your concerns into consideration. When you see your next doctor - and I am hoping it's not a long wait for you - request a MRI of the hips.

I can tell you what my pains feels like - if that helps you any - I get the groin pain - but also affects my lower back - and get the aching pains in the buttocks as well. The pain ranges from sharp - can't walk type of pain - to the minor dull ache that is just annoying to say the least.

My x-rays showed sclerosis on both side on the hip sockets - the beginnings of OA they say - but since I have AVN - that is what they need to rule out first. Also because I was given a cortisone shot into a joint that has AVN.

Another thing you might find to ease your pain while walking is to use a cane - at least that will transfer some of the weight off the joint for the time being.


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