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One night stand
Dec 9, 2003
I have felt like crap since last march. on march 18, 2003 I suffered a serious panic attack after taking the stimulant ephedra. I couldnt sleep for a month and finally had a nervous breakdown and was hospitalized. I was given a addictive perscription drug called klonopin (anti panic drug) and figured my troubles were soon to be over.

In May I met a woman who had the same problem with panic disorder. She even took the same drug and we eventually had sex.

I felt not well after sleeping with her. Mostly stomach problems, headaches, and generally feeling tired......later I developed testicular pain. (everything seemed to be a potential symptom of panic....except for the testicular pain) I figured I had a hernia from working out too heavy.

my panic then abrubtly seemed to turn into depression

In august I was really down and met another girl with similiar problems and we had sex.

3 weeks later I saw some marks in my genital regoin, had painful urination, and strange feelings running up and dow my body, and my body was really sore and weak. I had to urinate every 5 minutes and had a yellow discharge. (on the verge of a panic attack)

i thought I had gonohrea or herpes (or both) and sped to the ER. they said it wasnt herpes and my urine test revealed that it wasnt any standard STD. I was given ton of antibiotics right there (oral and Injection) and was told Id be fine.

I was for a few days. then all symptoms came back. I was given oral antibiotics for 2 weeks and the UTI and testicle pain went away but my penis became swollen at the tip and very sore. i also got tons of weird acne and marks on my thighs, butt, and genital area. my jonys began to hurt and my eyes became blood shot.

to make a long story short-I saw 15 doctors who told me that it wasnt herpes or any other std. I was tested for herpes 3 times.

I have been tested for every thing and everything was negative.

My joints were becoming much more painful each day.

I finally demanded to be tested for infectious bacterial arthritis. Those were PCR tests. they were all negtive....but a rhuematoid test (RF) came back positive. My sed rate was normal and CBC was fine.

My doc made an appointment for me with a rhuematologist. the rhuematologist examined me and said I do NOT have RA.

she is going to test me for the gene that goes with reiters disease.

my pains include pain down the back of my legs, ankle pain, feet pain, finger pain, wrist pain, and shoulder pain. also pain in the achillis tendon.

all this pain pops up randomly throughout the day.

ANY THOUGHTS?????????????

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