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Hi all,

I had written many times on different posts concerning my decades of suffering with many different types of pains that I had. Since I had my mercury-silver dental amalgams removed, these pains are nearly completely gone.

About 23 years ago when I was 27 years old, my "arthritic" pains were so bad, that a doctor told me that I was too old, I was too fat, take 10 aspirins a day, and not to run more than a hundred yards. Today, I run about 19.5 miles a week on a regular basis. I look young and fit, and feel great.

If you would like to hear more about my story, read what I posted under the dental section under dental problems and TMJ problems, under fillings and mercury-silver dental amalgams. It's quite sad really of the misery that I had to go through.

I first had these "arthritic" pains sometime about 1977. I was trying to get in shape so I decided to start jogging. I already was cycling quite a bit, and I just wanted to improve my exercise regimen. Right after jogging about three miles, I had this pain in my left foot. So a few day later, I decided to run again. So, I ran limping, but the pain got worse. I tried to run through the pain. The more that I exercised this, it would get to a point where the muscle would "freeze" up near the joint, where then I couldn't even move it unless I wanted excrutiating pain. It was strange. I had other strange symptoms which are classic of dental amalgam sufferers, but this was so hard for me to understand when I was so young. After visiting many doctors, none could help me. They would look at me like they had never heard of such a thing. I got to the point that I didn't even want to go to the doctors because they just gave me those dumb looks. Later I found a term in a book that seemed to be closely related to my "arthritic" symptoms. It was called fibrositis. I don't know if that is what I had, but I could at least could say I had something that maybe some doctor would know about. It's a long story and I suffered with this for years. Basically for me in those days, the only way to stop this "arthritic" pain was to stop exercising. Any new pain always migrated to a joint, after exercising. Then I would have to stop my activity, until the pain went away. And it was normally only one joint, although sometimes it could be more. The pain would shift from joint to joint, depending on which part of the body that I was exercising. Like when I started a little bowling when I was about 29 years old, then I developed that "arthritic" pain at the pelvic region where the leg bone connects to the pelvis. If I was lifting weights, instead of trying to run, the pain would eventually be in my arms. It was so frustruating for me for years as I struggled with this strange debilitation. I used to love exercising, but now I was a prisoner in my own body.

The good news is that after decades of experimenting, I'm free of all of that. I'm now 50 years old and I'm no longer "too old" like that doctor told me many years ago. Quite the contrary, I'm now racing around my neighborhood, trying to beat personal records. And I want everyone to know about it, just in case that there might be one other individual like me that is struggling with this and could be cured.

I cannot say that your arthritic conditions are caused by mercury-silver dental amalgams, or mercury poisoning. All I can tell you all, is what I experienced and what helped me.

Other symptoms that I had associated with this dental amalgam poisoning, were lower back pains, urinary problems, severe prostate cramps, chest pains (like possibly in the sternum or the front part of the spinal column - not the heart), headaches, loose teeth (so loose that I thought that I could pull them out with my hands), and gum disease. There were other symptoms, but I can't recall them at this time, but those were the significant ones. These symptoms were minor at first when I was a young man in my twenties, but over the years they got worse. They got so bad that at one low point in my life, I wanted to die. I struggled with my sickness by changing my diet and taking herbs. But the most significant cure for me was to remove the mercury-silver dental amalgams.

If you have a combination of those symptoms, I would strongly suggest that you try to find some medical professional to help you. If any of you have any further questions, please also let me know.

The frustrating thing about problems associated with mercury-silver dental amalgams is that there are few medical doctors (that I'm aware of) that understand this problem. But I think there are some, that understand. Hopefully also, I'm making some medical professionals out there aware that this problem does exist, and maybe they would try to understand and learn more to help their patients, if they saw a case similar to mine.

I wonder to this day, how many people really suffer of "arthritis" from mercury poisoning from their dental amalgams? How many people out there can't exercise because they are being poisoned everyday? I don't have answers for that. I wish I knew. I don't know if my case is rare, or is it a common occurrence that is not understood my our professional medical doctors?

Have any of you had symptoms similar to mine? I would like for you to tell me if you had. I'm still trying to get answers about an illness that for me is still not completely understood. I like to hear of other people's experiences, and to see if they had similar or different reactions to their dental amalgams. I only mostly know what happened to me. Books tell me that my symptoms are pretty much classic of dental amalgam sufferers, but I would like to hear real-life stories from any of you with such details. Some of the best research starts with anecdotal evidence.

If we open up a bit and listen to one another, maybe we can help ourselves and other people in the process. Take care.

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