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Dorri, that medication is a temperary fix, unfortunately. I would recommend that you seek the advice of a rheumatologist or someone (GP) who can give you an anti-inflammatory. That will help with the pain and stiffness. What your joint is doing is called "flaring". Its very common for it to happen at night and when we wake we're in agony. I know. The muscles atrophy because they arent being used. At one point, it hurt for me to raise my arms over my head. It felt like someone was hanging onto them. But yes, you need something other than a topical fix. Warm compresses can help and are good for those nights when you wake and need to fall back asleep or for mornings to help get you moving. But you can get them at Walgreens and you heat them in the microwave. Then just place them on your sore joint and go back to bed. The warmth will soothe the pain as long as you stay still. But please, see a rheumatologist to help take care of the pain and the stiffness.

I hope you feel better soon! Keep us posted!


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