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Does anyone get severe pain between their shoulder blades that burns and stabs for long periods of time? How about bending down, do your knees crack and pop? What about hip, cracking and popping? T

Sharon relpied:

Yep, yep and yep. Have had OA in neck for over ten years, quite severe and under the care of a specialist physiotherapist. The burning is like a living death but under correct care and attention to diet and exercise I have almost eliminated the pain. The pain used to nest in between my shoulder blades and radiate like hot coils into the base of my skull. I still get pain but it is manageable. Worst now is numbness in left fingers and tongue, although this too is manageable if I don't do anything silly like try to grub out tree roots or vacuume the floor, or iron, or live like, you know? Am on glucosimne now and have completey stopped taking all arthritis medications for over a month now and so far things are holding up.

One thing that is very helpful is getting your partner (or somebody) to stretch your neck for you. Probaly should get advice from your physio first but mine showed my hubby what to do. I lie on my back on the bed and hubby cups the back of my head in his hands, pulling gently for ten seconds or so, resting for a few seconds in between, for a total of two minutes. When back pain is like hot rods inserted, I get him to kneed down my back with the back of his fists. Physiotherapist also showed him how to do this. Back braces (the elastic kind, or taping) can also be extremly useful, although I have been told these make us lazy with our posture habits. Not for me, poor posture brings immediate agony. The taping really does help stop the burning sensation.

Hope some of this is useful


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