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I have been keeping the physiotherapist in business for years but it is only recently that I have actually had the xrays etc. to find out exactly what was wrong. If I hadn't pushed the GP to refer me to a specialist I would never have known what was wrong and why I had such a stiff neck, etc.
So all these years of going to physio approximately every 1 to 3 months have really achieved little except a temporary relaxation of my neck muscles which spasm because of the arthritis.
They usually include traction in the treatment plus I have done it at home. It is something that helps sometimes but not always. I also use the heat pack at night.
I take Doxepin 10g every evening and that is enough to help me get a reasonable nights sleep. Apparently Doxepin in greater doses is an anti-depressant but they found that it had a sedating effect so it is used as a non-addictive sleeping tablet.
I had hoped to be able to stop taking it at some point but that doesn't seem possible at the moment. I simply couldn't sleep for more than 1 hour without my neck getting all seized up.
During the day recently and at the moment I have a permanent headache at the base of my skull so that is telling me it is time that I went back to the physio for another session.
Like you, I am not anxious to have surgery although I have heard that a lot of people have had wonderful results - no guarantees though!! :)

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