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You poor thing! I feel for you,as I do for my fiance'! He is 54, I am 43....he was in the Air Force...he went to the first gulf war(but, wasn't in it...he watched and helped with the planes flying out) But, even so, always reminds me that he and anyone who has gone thru the military should have good Veterans care...and they don't! I feel for all of you out there, I honestly do! It's NOT right that you all go thru the war and fight for those who need you, and for those who can't or won't fight...and then you get badly hurt or you are suffering from God-knows what,and nobody is there to help foot the bill and get you the exact help that you need! I really feel terrible...I have only been on the side where I did not have health care for a terribly long, long time...and I could only get the health care that I could afford at that time....I am on Cal-Cobra(an extension of Kaiser Permanente at this time) but, it will soon run out! later, I will be on my fiance's health insurance so that will hopefully be good. or perhaps better...I have yet to find THAT one out! You always have to be I have noticed! I have seen so many true stories on "fake doctors" still makes me nervous!

But, I am with you, you certainly do have a right to bitterly complain! I wish that people could stand up to Congress and take a chunk out from them, they do NOT need the money, as much as all of the Vets in the world do!!!

I hope that you get well soon! I am so sorry that you are hurting...I know what pain is like...been there! NOt fun to go thru! I really truly hope that you get some great help in the future....whatever you do, please do not give up! Dos this as a gift to yourself! You have to get better!!!! :blob_fire :bouncing:

Here's hoping and wishing that
the doctors help you soon,
nightowl2 :wave: :rolleyes: :cool:

P.S. I read thru more of your past posts, and WOW! I had a smidge of what had been happening to you...partly wild guess work from your more recent posting...but, I had no idea just how terrible you have been actually feeling! I haveboth mild but painful fybromyalgia(and SLE Lupus...the joints pain only) I do not have the open sores which I am assuming is the discoid part right?) I do know how tired out you must be feeling...I am so sorry...if you ever want to keep in contact and talk about the pain of those two things, you could write to me...I like to figure out ways(holistically) to lessen the pain instead of having to deal with doctors all of the time!I read one part where you said that after you mow the lawn, after that it takes like four days to rest,GOD! I Do know that feeling! When I first got Lupus,and or the fibro' I didn't want to do ANY housecleaning! I was literally hurting all over! I didn't even want to move! I totally can vouch for you on what you have written! I am having "thumb " problems at this writing thumbs do not want to the joints...especially my left thumb! I have to do "Range of motion" with my thumb joints,and sometimes I can actually move them...but, sometimes moving them by accident(if I hit my left thumb against something hard) or bend it unexpectantly, it kILLs!!!!!) It hurts now! I can't bend my's strange to me!
Also, I have been thru one set of Kidney stones,and I wouldn't wish that on anybody! That hurts BAD!!! I have also gone thru gall-stones(I think that was genetic!) I know what pain is....YOU are not alone! My hope is that you and all of your friends out there, get someone to hear you,and help you.....this is sad, when we cannot take care of our own!

I am with you in the "complaint department"!
Did you go to the hospital advocate to complain to them yet? My fiance' told me that you can do a small something by doing that....would that help some?
:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :confused:

anyhow, just wanted to add the extra stuff, here, because I did start to read all of your other posts, and now I understand more, just what is actually happening to you! I do feel for all of you,and my fiance' too!
He told me that I saved his life, literally. When he came see where I was from(I met him online) of the times that he came to see me, the meds that he was taking at that time, were making him super sleepy.He would be talking to me, and then he would be "out"...asleep! I had to wake him up over and over...till finally, I sat him upright, and woke him up,and I said, "You MUST go see your doctor, and also talk to a pharmicist about these meds! There is something really wrong, and I am very worried about you! Doesn't the doctor that you have check what you are already on, and what you can or cannot take?!!?" He thought that the doctor had checked...but, wasn't sure, and he went back(and this had happened more than once, mind you!, at the V.A. Hospital) Well, we went back, and found out that the doctor had indeed made a terrible mistake!! That particular medication(that he wasn't going to originally check on) turned out to be "deadly"! He told me how grateful that he was that I even cared to say something....because if he hadn't had done something about these meds he was on....apparently they were going to kill him! The combo of the other meds that he was on, along with the meds the doctor mistakenly put him on, would have killed him! I had no idea that he was in THAT much danger...but, I did know, that I could not talk to the "real" man that he is...I was losing him to those bad medications! :eek:

well, I really just wanted to add that extra part...and excuse a few lines in my letter, when I was trying to add some letters to the letter to you, my letters began to I couldn't write what I originally was trying to say...but, just "guess" some of the words when you get there!


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