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Hi, my name is Juliah and I'm new here. For the past 6 weeks or so, I've had severe finger pain during the night and for hours after I wake up in the morning. It is in all fingers on both hands. My pinkie fingers kind of lock up when I bend them. The pain is bad enough to wake me from sleep. The only thing that helps at all is immersing them in hot water. I can't get in to see a rheumatologist until June. I saw an orthopedic hand doc today who did x-rays of my hands. The x-rays looked fine. He is doing some lab work and I return next week. What could be causing this? I was thinking arthritis, but since the x-rays don't show anything, I may be off track. I am also very tired a lot. Any ideas? Thank you, Juliah
Hi Juliah,

I know exactly what you're talking about. When you said "pinky" locking that was the key. Mine started about 4 weeks after my hip surgery (August '04) and I thought it was coming from my using the canes and gripping so tightly....[B]or[/B] that I injured something from using my hands so much to get out of bed, chairs, etc. I had such pain in the mornings that I couldn't even lift the tea kettle to pour water or hold anything with any substantial weight to it. I just assumed arthritis only because I have it in my hips and knees. Plus my pinky and thumb "locked" and "clicked" at the joints. [B] But [/B] ....I also developed "tingling and slight numbness" in the right hand only and that sent me to the dr fast. He said I had the beginnings of Carpal Tunnel and prescribed a brace to be worn at night. No xrays were done.

It's been about 3 weeks now and I have to admitt the brace has helped tremendously!!! The hand almost feels 100 % better. On a scale from 1-10 I have to say the hand is a 9. There literally is no pain. I do have some stiffness in the mornings but that goes away. The pinky doesn't "lock" as much but that thumb sure does click away! :D

Are you taking any anti inflamatory drug? Advil may help with the stiffness and soreness until you can get to the bottom of it. Another thing I contribute my feeling better to is that I'm back taking my Bextra which helps the knees and hip. If I don't take it for a couple of days I definately feel it in the hands as well as the other parts of this ole body.

Hang in there and please keep us posted as to how you are feeling and what the test results show.

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