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When I had a small windfall last year, my husband and I decided to cave in and buy a decent bed for possibly the first time in our adult lives: we'd always slept on beds we'd inherited or ones we felt we could afford....decent, but what a difference it makes to finally have a good one! What we settled for was a latex mattress with a pillow-top made of memory foam. It was maybe a thousand dollars less than a mattress made entirely of memory foam, but it is wonderful. A few years back, before the memory foam came out, latex was the "best"....and this is a great combination. It has give, but it springs back. The person who sold it to us said it is better than one made entirely of memory foam; she remarked that the memory foam ones feel to her like "lying in wet sand"....! We've had it for several months now, and it really makes a difference. I was reminded of this, last weekend, when we went to the beach and stayed in a hotel which had very firm beds: I got up the first morning so stiff and sore it nearly ruined my day; it was heaven to get back to my own lovely bed, which provides both support and cuddling......along with my cotton sheets and down comforter! It's worth it to be kind to yourself.....
I have fibro and some arthritis and I have been shopping beds too. Basically comparing memory foam and the air chamber/sleep number types. I actually felt the best so far on a non well know brand of memory foam. Remember it can come in different density's etc. Not all memory foam is the same or priced the same. The top name that we all seem to know is pricey but I laid on another brand in a US store that I liked and am thinking of trying to get dh to try, for price and comfort reasons. He is very very frugal so if he resists I'm leaning towards a topper for my side even though my mattress sags and i have scolisos too. We're all funny about money. If you find the right sleep set up for your condition to me that is worth alot but to others its indulgent, reckless, irresponsible. I see it as possibly even saving money on meds, making me happier. Anyway my big point is if there is more than one brand check different ones out .the lesser known names are probably less and may feel different.

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