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When I read the original post, I, too thought it might be bursitis, because it is inflammation, and can go away on it's own. I wouldn't have gone to an Ortho guy first, I would suggest going to Primary Care doctor. My PCP just told me I have bursitis just based on my symptoms...mild pain at night, moderate pain throughout the day. I had been walking 3.5 miles a day and lost 40 pounds, and then started to have the hip pain. She prescribed PT first, and if that dosen't help, cortisone shot. She also said to stop walking for a few weeks to let the inflammation go away, but I am afraid to regain the weight. However, I am going to stop walking for at least a month next month because I am having bunion surgery. If the rest dosen't help, I'll go for the PT and possible future cortisone shot.

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